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When you go to establishment such as 1806, take the plunge and ditch the menu. Let the bartender create you something with flavours which you are craving at that moment. Maybe you want something girly, fruity with fizz? Maybe a savoury, whiskey based masculine drink? Let the bartender know what you desire and he’ll conjure one up to your taste. They don’t always get it right but it’s a great way of ordering your cocktails. 1806 is a great place for a date or for those who are after a delicious cocktail experience in a relaxing establishment. 


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Melbourne Cocktails and BarsDelicious Cocktails in Melbourne

1806 cocktails melbourne cbdTen years ago, this was the cocktail bar we ended our first date night with. Not that we needed the last few cocktails by that time of night! Andreas took me there because it’s a wonderful venue which you could lounge in while sipping away at great cocktails. It’s so cosy, with chesterfield armchairs. The decor is very vintage saloon, with burgundy furnishings, soft lighting and candles on tables. This was only my second visit to this establishment and I loved it the second time more than the first! Maybe it was because things get better with age. Maybe it was because I was not nearly as intoxicated as I was the last time I was there. Andreas had been there many times before we dated as he lived in the city back then. We just had to go back there as it was our 10th year anniversary and we just had end the night as we did a decade ago.


10 years of cocktails

Because it was the end of the night, the lovely bartender had time to chat with us. Adam is an Irishman who has only been at 1806 for a few months and knows his cocktails! As we had informed him that it was our 10th year anniversary, he generously gifted us with some bubbles and their 10th anniversary limited edition cocktail book! How’s that for a random act of awesomeness! We were one of the last to leave and we left feeling just how we felt on our first date. Hopefully we won’t leave it for another ten years before we return here!

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