Christmas is closing up on us rapidly and everyone is probably starting or thinking about gift shopping now. The look on our children’s face is priceless when they unwrap those beautifully wrapped packages to unveil something which they had on their wishlist. Maybe it’s a new bike, a pair of trendy shoes, a game console or, like our little boy, another set of Lego to add to his ever-expanding collection! We do so much to keep our little ones happy and Christmas gives us a special time of year to do it.

A chance in life

My childhood Christmas’ were not at all like what my children are experiencing. My parents couldn’t afford all these things which I can for my kids. They worked hard and for very little pay. They sure did make up for the lack of gifts in other ways – quality time spent with us! You see, we were refugees who had been given a chance at life in a wonderful, safe and fair country. We had escaped a war-torn country and were happy with any life away from there. We escaped from poverty and a place where sometimes food was scarce. Education was also scarce. Some were not as lucky as we were and they face hardships to this day.

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Jimmy’s Village School

Because there’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing a smile on children’s faces, I want to give as many smiles as I can to kids out there who are struggling. A way we will go about this is to give as many kids as we can, access to free education. The kids we want to reach out and help are the kids at Jimmy’s Village School in Siem Reap in Cambodia.

What makes this school so special is that it is run by a very selfless young man, Jimmy. Jimmy makes a living driving a tuk tuk by day, then he heads home to teach English to underprivileged children in his community for three hours every night. Jimmy’s dream is to help Cambodia thrive again by educating the current generation which he hopes will, in turn, carry on his work and teach the future generation. This education will supply them with knowledge and skills to gain employment opportunities in Cambodia or internationally.

Some of these children walk from as far as two hours away to be taught by Jimmy. How about that for dedication!

Jimmy’s Village School was started in the front yard of Jimmy’s home. It relies on donations from foreigners who discover the school while visiting the village. The donations from generous tourists from around the world have enabled Jimmy to study English and now teach it. Donations have supplied the school with tables and chairs and a roof to shelter the students.

Read more about Jimmy’s Village School here:

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Happy Kids Cambodia

This school was brought to my attention by a lovely young nurse, Christine, who had walked pass the school by chance while she was visiting Cambodia with her husband. Christine and hubby ended up teaching these kids while they were there. Because they were so touched by the way that the school was run, Christine and Adrian returned to teach at the school again. They have now set up a charity ‘Happy Kids Cambodia’ which raises funds to support these kids with their education.

Help us make a difference

This Christmas, Fabulous Femme will be giving to Jimmy’s Village School. We realise how fortunate we are and that these kids can only dream of having what we have and being where we are. It’s the least that we can do, to give a little and to spread the word about them to others.

With our blog becoming rapidly more well known, we’re sure we can use it’s popularity to help out this great cause which is so close to my heart. We’ll be keeping you informed about our progress.

We hope you find it in your heart to give a little as well. Any small amount will be greatly appreciated. If you decide that you want to get passionate about supporting Jimmy’s Village School with us, let the team at Happy Kids Cambodia know and join us in fundraising for them.

Our vision is to help build a larger school for Jimmy’s students. Fabulous Femme will be working with Happy Kids Cambodia to work towards achieving this.

Put a smile on a child’s face by giving them the gift of a free education, something that every child deserves and should have the right to.

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