If you haven’t noticed yet, I haven’t done a photo shoot in jeans! And why not? The answer is that I simply am not a jeans person. Sure, I own and do wear jeans! Many years ago, I loved jeans. I was a lot slimmer then! Now that I’m healthier and curvier, I don’t feel great in jeans. They are the things which I grab to throw on on a coolish day to go to the supermarket or the park with the kids. They are not what I’d wear to make a fashion statement out and about in the city. Not until now.

Best jeans ever

I’ve fallen in love with the Jeanswest new Super Skinny Prima Jeans! Talk about painted on jeans! These jeans fit like a glove, hugging you in all the right places. They’re also super soft and comfy. They may look like jeggings, only thicker and more supportive in the areas which need supporting. Oh, and getting on and off the motorbikes which we used in the photo shoot was a breeze! Stretchy, skinny and stylish jeans. This is what I will be living in throughout winter.

Jeanswest’s new collection includes a cute leather biker jacket which gave me the idea to do a ‘Biker Chic’ themed photo shoot. We’re always trying to create different looks for our blog, using as many different photo locations as we can. It does require some time and effort but it pays off and we achieve some wonderful images.

John’s vintage garage

We were fortunate enough to have a friend who’s grandpa has a love of restoring vintage motorbikes. When we entered his workshop, there was no doubt where we’d be shooting. There were a couple of Triumphs and Puch bikes, some completed and some in the works. Grandpa John spends most of his days bringing these forgotten about machines back to their full glory. At eighty three years of age, this grandpa zips around on his bikes as well as any young bloke.

How stylish are the vintage bike helmet and goggles? It’s a pity that they don’t make them like that anymore! Unfortunately the cork that they are made of wouldn’t protect your head if it hit the ground.

To be honest, I’m not much of a biker chick. The fashion is definitely cool and timeless but I’m hesitant to hop on those machines. The last time I rode on the back of one was in Thailand many years ago and due to the crazy style of their driving, I’ve decided that it’s best to only ride in vehicles with at least four wheels. As for the look, thumbs up for painted on jeans and a leather biker jacket as a fashion statement. Glitz it up with a pair of killer heels and some metal jewellery or pair it with a tank top and ankle boots for a relaxed, biker chick style.

Want a pair of these gorgeous Prima Jeans (valued at $120) to add to your wardrobe?

 (Competition CLOSED)

Simple subscribe to the Fabulous Femme Newsletter (if you haven’t already done so you can do this hereand tell us in the comments section below – how you would style your pair of Prima Jeans?

Terms and Conditions

This competition is a game of skill. Entries are possible until 29/03/2015 11:59pm AEST. The winner will be selected on the 30/03/2015 and published here on the blog post.
Prize is a Jeanswest Prima Jeans (valued at $120) – choice of size – Not redeemable for cash. – Shipping only within Australia.
We will contact the winner via email (make sure you sign up with a valid email address). The winner needs to claim the price within 14 days after notification.

Update:  Thanks for all the wonderful entries to win a pair of the Jeanswest Prima Denim jeans! It was hard to choose but we do have a winner………CASSIE FORD! You’ve hit our style chords with the Urban Hipster Chic look! Animal print heels are on my wishlist for this winter. We’ll send you an email regarding your prize.

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best jeans ever by jeans west - biker photoshoot

All clothing from Jeanswest.

Shoes from Tony Bianco.

Motorbikes are vintage Triumph and Puch – restored by John.

And have a look at Part 2 when we took out the motorbike.

  • Benjamin Fletcher

    What a great post! Stunning photography and Souri looks amazing!! Super work!

    • Thanks Ben! You forgot to tell us how you would style these jeans! I’m sure someone special in your life would love to win them

      • Benjamin Fletcher

        Naturally I would style them on my lovely partner, I reckon with a cropped whit tank top and I must say that leather would complement the outfit nicely. Finish it with some chunky metal jewellery like you say, but instead of heels I’d go for a grungier look with some heeled biker boots with lots of buckles and metal on them.

  • Suzie

    Great post and glad I found you, fabulous Souri! I would style those great jeans with a camel cashmere fitted turtleneck jumper (on my wish list and in my dreams!), my gorgeous French vintage (read Salvos) black leather jacket and black and leopard booties, accessorised with lots of delicate gold jewellery.

    • That sounds lovely Suzie! I love op-shopping and I adore cashmere. Have you visited Uniqlo? They’re reasonably priced so I’m heading there for a cashmere jumper soon.

      • Suzie

        Big fan of Uniqlo!

  • Richard

    A real workshop a real model 2 thumbs up great work winters here bring out the jeans

    • The workshop is pretty cool! Yes, these jeans will be worn to death during winter!

  • Mel

    I would style these jeans with a loose fitting knit, scarf, brown boots and my hair in a pony. Relaxed but feeling sexy and carefree.

    • There’s no doubt that these jeans will make you feel sexy! They’re fab for wearing with jeans 🙂

  • Lauren

    Those jeans are gorgeous! What a perfect blue. They would be great for me at work with brown ankle boots, a tucked-in white collared blouse and a chunky statement necklace.

    • You must work somewhere pretty cool to allow you to wear these jeans! They are a great shade of blue 🙂

      • Lauren

        Sure do! My boss is pretty great about letting us stick to our own styles.

  • Carlie

    I would style with a pair of flat, black zip up boots, just above ankle height. A loose fitting tee with the sleeves casually folded up, and a patterned scarf.

    • I’ve only just started loving loose fitting tees. A comfortable yet sexy look 🙂

  • Very lovely post……. The jeans are really gorgeous and you are looking too much gorgeous in these photos. Thank you very much for sharing this kind of awesome blog with us and hope that you will keep sharing more and more with us. For more details: http://www.tallboysapparel.com/

  • A

    Great outfit! Very similar to what I would wear the jeans with! I would go for some combat style boots, jeans, leather jacket and a black shirt with lace detailing underneath 🙂

  • tania

    I would pair these great jeans with my motorbike boots and leather jacket over a pretty singlet and hit the open road looking amazing

  • SJD

    I’m a fan of wrapping a colourful scarf through the belt loops of jeans – one pair, as many looks as you have scarves! But I’d definitely avoid wearing these on the road!

  • I love hats and scarves, so I’d go with jeans and a plain jumper, a huge tartan scarf, and my black felted hat. And some killer heeled boots!

  • Karly

    Definitely with a pair of black heels, loose fitting top with hair out and loosely curled!! As a mum who has not yet fully regained my pre-baby figure, jeans are still a terrifying thought as most seem to give that horrid muffin top look, these jeans look awesome and may yet convert me back into jeans as opposed to living in leggings!!

  • Kristy winters

    My converse glitter 9 hole boots with a baseball style t-shirt. Hair down as one side is shaved and that’s how I usally wear it.

  • Kim Miller

    I would style it with a cool Diesel tee, leather jacket and biker boots.

  • jayla1987

    A gorgeous loose flowing singlet top and a pair of Windsor smith boots I wear my boots with everything

  • Cat

    Always been a fan of jeans, and a fan of the biker chic look. I think to get the complete look, the jeans with a plain black t-shirt and a leather studded jacket would do it. You don’t really need to go over the top with what to wear with your jeans, just let the jeans speak for themselves.

  • Em

    As a biker chick myself & a fashionista at heart, I completely understand the importance of looking your best in jeans. Jeans have protected me during my own motorcycle accident a month ago so they offer the best of both worlds – saving your skin whilst looking your best. Jeans are such an important part of anyone’s wardrobe, they can be worn casually, dressed up with heels or my favourite with a pair of nice leather boots & cute leather jacket. As a teacher stretch jeans are an important part of my work wardrobe so I can be up & down off the floor with my preps all day. A good pair of jeans not only makes you feel a million dollars but can also be a lifesaver!

  • Brown boots and a folksy top to make the most of the last of the warm weather. Top with a long coat for winter!

  • Cassie Ford

    Ultra high animal print stillettos, a grey, grungy college sweat hoodie, a Louis Vuitton delightful monogram bag, and cap it off with a bright-coloured thermal beanie! Perfect for the winter months ahead – urban-hipster
    chic at its finest!

  • Karen T

    For me it would be red ballet style shoes (I’m not good in heels) and a cute ruffled floral top.

  • Bec D’owney

    OVERALLS, some mules, a Top Shop black vest & a cool leather belt. Then I can ZIP head acCORDingly!

  • Caroline Kelly

    Leather jacket, crisp white shirt and ankle boots to give me the, “bad girl,” appearance.

  • Kaja Korczyk

    Easy! I would pair my prima jeans with a free-flowing white chiffon blouse, pointe nude flats and an oversized leather nude handbag. Hair would be down with light curls for a more casual look or pinned up in a bun for something elegant. A small and simple gold chain necklace or bracelet would also compliment this outfit, however, a good pair of jeans will become your ride-or-die!

  • Lauren Anastasiou

    I would wear a plain white t-shirt, and black flats – by adding a plain black or coloured blazer, and changing my accessories, this look will take me everywhere.

  • Ali Nugent

    Hello! I love the amazing photography here, you have a very talented photographer.
    I would style some the Prima jeans with a black long line blazer, a bright animal print long scarf, crisp white shirt, and a pair of nude pointy toe pumps with a dangerously high heel 🙂

  • G K

    It’s got to be with kitten heels, a fitted top & a scarf to capture Audrey Hepburn’s classic style.

    Accompanied with great posture & positive attitude for life.

  • Thanks for all the wonderful entries to win a pair of the Jeanswest Prima Denim jeans! It was hard to choose but we do have a winner………CASSIE FORD! You’ve hit our style chords with the Urban Hipster Chic look! Animal print heels are on my wishlist for this winter. We’ll send you an email regarding your prize smile emoticon