Fabulous Fashion

It’s a fashion blog – but not your usual one. I love to feature my outfits in beautiful and interesting locations. High designer or some vintage dresses from the op shop – all in different locations in and around Melbourne.

Lace Fashion Photoshoot

Lacy State of Mind

It’s a romantic texture which stays timeless and puts it’s wearer into a romantic state of mind. Lace in any colour will do it for me, but white is probably my favourite - especially for summer! There’s so many...
Pacfico Sunglasses - Sunnies

The Cool Side of Melbourne

Collingwood !!!  The Cool Side of Melbourne We were on our way to an event in a funky part of Melbourne, Collingwood, and decided that the wall art was too good not to use as a backdrop for a quick photo shoot. The sun was setting and I was wearing my groovy ...