Photography is a fundamental for this blog – you realise that I take more pictures than I write. Let me know if you like them …

real mermaids

Mermaids are real

I caught sight of this beautiful mermaid, Joey, as she sat serenely staring at the sunset. Her tail was a glistening silver and semi transparent towards the tip, blending into the sea when she sat close to the ...
fine art photography - creating pictures - styled mermaids in Melbourne , Australia

Mermaid Sam

When I heard there had been sightings of mermaids on Australian shores, I headed out with a determination to capture them. Sunset is when the mermaids liked to venture out of the water as our scorching temperat...
Melbourne vintage weddings

Melbourne Vintage Style Weddings

All weddings are special and uniquely beautiful. The style that hits me in my sweet spot is a vintage themed wedding. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been in love with vintage style dresses with a cinched waist, vintage hair-do’s and winged eyeliner. Audrey He...
pretty model with lace scarf - creative fashion photography

Lace – 3 different looks

Different types of lace used for our fabulous-femme portrait photo shoot. I produced 3 different looks with a lace mask, scarf and veil. I'll tell you where to source the best lace in Melbourne.