I love to travel! I love to take pictures. All my blog posts which were done outside of Melbourne.

Luxury Cars: Rolls Royce – The Phantom

Luxury cars - Bespoke is Rolls Royce Ethan loves cars! Which 9 year old doesn't. Of course he has an exclusive taste. He loves luxury cars! He is impressed by all the functionality of our family SUV but when l...
trickski jumps in davos - best snowboarding park

A trip to Davos, Switzerland

Holidaying In Europe You would think that accommodation in Europe would be really steep during the peak season. Renting an Airbnb in Davos (Switzerland) for NYE costs the same as renting one at any of Australia’s holiday destinations. Guess it was an easy cho...
Swimming at Little Waterloo Bay in Wilsons Prom

Little Waterloo Bay

Sealers Cove to Little Waterloo Bay  The second day of our hike was the worst day weather-wise. It reached 37 degrees! It’s no fun hiking with heavy backpacks in that heat, then having to climb steep hills as well! I’m alright with sweating but the poor boys ...