Melbourne, Events, Venues and little secrets of our fantastic city. There is so much do do in Melbourne – so my little blog can only feature a few events and venues.

Urban Alley Brewery Docklands

Docklands micro brewery launch – Urban Alley

Urban Alley Launch Party Docklands! A new brew-house and pub opened last weekend. Urban Alley opened it's door for 500 guests to try their new signature beer range:  Urban Ale (4.5%), Urban Lager (4.7%), Urban Dark (5.4%) and Urban APA (5.5%). The location is...
20 years of IMAX Melbourne

20 Years Of IMAX Melbourne

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of IMAX, we were invited to watch a screening of MacGillivray Freeman’s EVEREST (1998). This documentary was especially filmed for IMAX and it’s impressive on their giant scree...

Dinner By Heston Blumenthal

Fine Dining in Melbourne We missed out on the Fat Duck experience, like many other Melbournians. It came, was booked out, then it left. With such a heavy price tag for a dinner, it’s amazing how well it did here! Luckily for us, Heston was kind enough to leav...