Melbourne, Events, Venues and little secrets of our fantastic city. There is so much do do in Melbourne – so my little blog can only feature a few events and venues.

Pacfico Sunglasses - Sunnies

The Cool Side of Melbourne

Collingwood !!!  The Cool Side of Melbourne We were on our way to an event in a funky part of Melbourne, Collingwood, and decided that the wall art was too good not to use as a backdrop for a quick photo shoot. The sun was setting and I was wearing my groovy ...
best brunch place in melbourne - high ground melbourne cbd near spencer station

Brunch in Melbourne – Higher Ground

Brunching in Melbourne Melbourne has some of the best brunch places in the world! Because of social media platforms such as Instagram, the food we get not only tastes good - it’s beautifully presented as well. Restaurants and cafes recognise that they have to...
12 Apostles Sunset

The Twelve Apostles

Our Great Escape - Part 2 Did you know that there were only ever nine of these wondrous limestone rock formations? Today there are only eight remaining after the collapse of one in 2005. These closely spread p...