Both of these lovely felines were great to photograph, but one was not so happy about it! The reluctant model, Freckle the cat, was not super happy to be held and posed for photos  as you can see! The results were just too funny!

Our lovely pin-up model, Elyan, is seen here trying very hard to help Freckle show his best side. Once out of Elyan’s grip, Freckle happily wandered around his backyard which allowed us to take some gorgeous snaps of him.

cute kitty cat

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model with cat

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ginger cat

cute cat - ginger

cat walking in grass



  • JK Blackwell

    LOL… love how he stretched his hind legs to push Elyan’s elbow away! Love this!

    • It was very funny. He was not the most cooperative cat to photograph. We just had a couple minutes with him and he constantly tried to get away … it would have been a very funny video.

      • JK Blackwell

        Well, you have captured it well even w/o the video (I had a good laugh!)! A typical cat, reminds me of my Mr Big LOL!!