My obsession with mint green and pink continues… (see my cape shoot the other day)  I’m loving this Funkita Go Flamingo one piece swimsuit from their new “We The People” range!

Awesome flamingo print!

This flamingo print and the awesome colour combination sure gets some attention down at Port Melbourne Beach, where I love to hang out! It’s because the scenery is great, the kids get to dig in the sand, we can watch the huge ships come in and out of the harbour and there are great places to grab a bite to eat down there!

This scorching weather that has hit us at the moment is perfect for frolicking around on a beach, especially when you’re wearing something that’s as fun as this Go Flamingo number.

hot days in melbourne - time for the beach

flamingo swimsuit

melbourne swimsuit

australian girl wearing funkita swimsuit

melbourne beach fun

(Don’t forget to check out this other nice swimsuit from Funkita: Growl at Bondi Beach)



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  • JK Blackwell

    Makes me wanna head down to the beach… 🙂

    • It will be a hot day again today … the second Melbourne heat wave this year :-). So the beach is always a nice option.

      • JK Blackwell

        The temp is creeping up here in Sydney. I long for one of those week-long rain sort of weather #beachpeoplewillnotlikemeforwishingthat 😛

  • Pretty beach and love the flamingo prints and poses ^^

    • Thanks Misa 🙂 I thought about organising some “Garden Flamingos” and put them in the water. But the flamingos on the the swimsuit were enough.
      I am not a model … so posing is not something natural for me. The easiest is to create some movement (walking around, jumping, splashing water, …) and asking the photographer to capture it natural … always works out. Static poses are more difficult for non models like me. 🙂

  • a great series of fresh photos, love that light!

    • Thanks Clair Estelle. Sunset is usually best light … but sometimes a beach shoot works in a little harsher light (this was shot around 2 hours before sunset).