A day at the beach

A Day At The Beach

We don’t like leaving Australia during summer, it’s actually the best time of year to be here! The streets are quiet and the weather is just wonderful for spending time at our favourite place – the beach. We’re not too fussy about which beach (even though it’s worth the effort to go a little distance to get to a gorgeous one!) just as long as there is sun on our skin and sand between our toes. Oh, and how I love a slight breeze to flutter my hair and my breezy summer attire.

Lie down and breathe in the sea air

The beach is a place where we just lie and breathe in the sea air. The sea is our entertainment, filled with frothy waves and squawking seagulls. There are plenty of toys for the kids in the form of shells and seaweed. It’s mandatory that we dig a ginormous hole in the sand with every beach visit, which entertains our little one for hours!

Shopping for my Beach Essentials

It’s effortless to look great for a day on the beach. Throw on a swimsuit, a pair of shorts, a hat, a kaftan or cover-up and you’re done! There are no rules when it comes to beach dressing, except that less is definitely more!

For this particular day on the beach, I’ve chosen a lacy cover-up from Jeansweast and teamed it with a pair of their denim shorts. There’s a huge variety to choose from! With the January sales, you’ll be able to grab quite a few bargains. Looking great on the beach doesn’t need to be costly.

One of the best places to head to for these bargains is the Uni Hill Factory Outlets. Jeanswest and Surf Dive and Ski are two great stores at Uni Hill Factory Outlets which stock all of your beach fashion needs. And there are plenty more sports related stores to be found.

The beach never fails to put us in a happy state.

Head out to a beach in the late afternoon until sunset to avoid the harsh sun and sunburn. It’s also the best time if the day to take photos as the light is most beautiful and flattering at that time of day.  Pack a picnic in a cooler and take yourselves out for some beach therapy.

You may think that you’ve got it all covered when it comes to packing for a great day at the beach, but sometimes a check list is handy. There’s been a few times where we have forgotten the basics – including swimsuits!

What to pack for the beach:

  • A cooler filled with ice, drinks, food.
  • Cups for drinks & bottle opener.
  • Bottles of water (for drinking and washing sand off feet and hands – especially before getting into the car!).
  • A beach mat to picnic on.
  • Swimsuits
  • A change of clothes for after the beach.
  • Towels
  • Sunhats
  • Sunscreen
  • Some sand toys for the kids
  • A camera
  • An iPod with headphones for the bored teenager!

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Don’t forget to find out about my 7 favourite beaches in Melbourne and some more inspiration.