back to nature - wooden watch

Back to nature

I’m slightly obsessed with white at the moment (see my last outfit here). It’s a colour which never went out of style but it’s especially fashionable this year. Eyelets and lace are also huge this season so I’m glad that I kept hold of this cute little cotton top of mine!

The sandals are the super comfy Windsor Smith ‘Tempt’ in croc texture. I’ve also got a pair of these in black to make sure that my feet love me throughout summer! Thank goodness sandal designs are so good this year.

A stylish woodwatch

The stylish wood watch is from Jord (Have a look at different designs here: Simple yet modern in design, this watch was designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind. It’s a great piece for those who are after a unique and distinctive time keeping piece – and they ship to Australia!

What I love most about my Jord watch is that it’s a natural piece, in look as well as the material it’s made from. This watch suits my casual Melbourne summer style and looks great with my whites! Now I’ll be able to get to all my fun summer events on time and in style.

Back to nature

It was obvious where we would do this shoot – amongst nature, where the watch originated from. Living such a short distance from Melbourne’s CBD, we’re so lucky to have such vast parks and rural retreats nearby. It’s hard to believe that these shots are taken in a city with more than 4 million people – you would expect more skyscrapers and not trees. Let’s hope that they are preserved for future enjoyment.

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Jord - Wooden watches tree tops in sunlight shining
back to nature

back to nature - natural fashion wooden watches by Jord girl in pine trees - nature - earth - wood trees