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Be Brave, Be Yourself

We’ve all woken up and put on a different face at one time or another. Maybe it’s a daily ritual, putting on that mask. It’s a face which we want the world to see, not what we actually see in the mirror. Some of us are really good at putting on our masks and hiding all that is really brewing inside, while some of us should just wear an actual mask to let the world know that we need a great big hug – regularly. This blog post is dedicated to all those out their who have to put on a brave mask before stepping out the door.

Enjoy life as the real you!

Masks are worn to deceive. They deceive those around us and they eventually deceive ourselves. Behave in any way, positively or negatively, for a long period of time and it will overcome us. I wish that you all can throw away those masks and enjoy life as the real you. It takes a ton of courage and will require countless numbers of hugs from friends and family but it is very possible. I did it and survived.

The only time I put a mask on nowadays are masks like these, for fun. But isn’t that what life should be about? Fun and lots of it! Life is seriously too short to waste it on being miserable and unkind to ourselves. If you are waiting for the right time to remove that mask, it may be a long wait or it may not ever come. Rivers of tears may be shed by then and your heart might have crumbled beyond repair. The right time is always going to be right now. There will always be excuses as to why we keep our masks on. The excuses are just excuses.

Be brave! Be you!

Be kind to yourself and be you. Life is all that you put into it. There is so many beautiful things and places to experience when you are true to yourself. Like the Sara Bareilles song – I too want to see you be brave. For a great read on how to change your situation for the better, I read a life-changing book called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. He taught me how to live in the present. Since reading that book and following it’s advice on living in the present, life is pretty wonderful.

Masks – wear them just for fun

Each time we visit my in-laws in Germany, we stay in the guest room where these two masks hang. For years I have always thought that they looked creepy. Andreas had bought them many years ago on his trip to Namibia, unfortunately before we met! It was only on this trip that I looked at them and thought how wonderful it would be to use them in a fashion shoot! As you may have noticed, this is not your average fashion and lifestyle blog. We like the fact that it’s highly photography driven, where we can showcase whatever we please – including African masks!
I’ve chosen a “Blue Illusion” – linen dress with a beaded neckline for this fashion shoot, to compliment the colours of the mask. The forest was the perfect stage. German forests are just magical, normally occupied with slender Fir trees. The ground is covered in soft green moss and pine cones. There are many walking paths throughout the forest for hikers to enjoy. Even in the middle of a working day, we were approached by curious Germans who stopped for a chat!

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