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Beach Fashion 2016 – Mallorcan Life in a Kaftan

Eight blissful days in beautiful, sunny Mallorca was just what we needed for some well-deserved rest! Well, it wasn’t all lounging around beside the pool and sinking our toes into the sand! We’re photographers, so it’s a lot of exploring with the mission to capture as many beautiful scenes of each place as we can. Not that it’s hard work! We love taking photos so it’s all exciting and enjoyable for us.

Beach – Sunrise – Summer Fashion

Our days in Mallorca didn’t always start this early. When sunrise is at a decent time of 7.30am, why not make the most of it! The beach was only a walk across the street so we had plenty of time to shoot. Back home in Melbourne, the sun pops it’s head up while we’re still in our deep sleep phase. Even in summer, you’d have to rise at 6am to get out in time for that magical light show.

It’s already really warm when we head out. There are already a few people out running but I’m the only one looking like I’m heading off for an early swim in the sea, dressed in my swimsuit, linen kaftan, straw fedora and gold rope sandals. This was my usual daily attire while we were in Mallorca. It was a kaftan to breakfast and it stayed on for most of the day, unless we went exploring.

We stroll barefoot along the beach to a nearby pier which ends with gorgeous large boulders. There are some fisherman there, with their lines cast out. It’s still slightly dark when we arrive there as our sunrise is obstructed by clouds. Some clouds do create an amazing canvas for a sunrise, but there were just a few too many to allow the sun to burst through on this particular morning. Regardless, the light is still beautiful and we were happy to be out there.

Not that it’s an extremely hot time to be in Mallorca, coming from Melbourne’s winter – it’s hot for us! Sunrise and sunset were our preferred times to be out on the beach. The temperature is still hovering around the low 20’s at these times of the day and it’s a lot quieter as the tourists are still in bed or heading off for their evening meals. During the day, the beach is a pretty crowded place in this popular holiday destination.

As photography goes, sunrise and sunset produces the most beautiful light. There are no harsh shadows cast on faces and the light is a lovely warm orange hue. Wish I could spend every day roaming around in a Jeanswest kaftan and basking in warm sunlight as I did in Mallorca.


Linen Kaftan and Fedora hat: Jeanswest

Gold rope sandals: Zu

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