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Brunch in Melbourne – Higher Ground

Brunching in Melbourne

Melbourne has some of the best brunch places in the world! Because of social media platforms such as Instagram, the food we get not only tastes good – it’s beautifully presented as well. Restaurants and cafes recognise that they have to lift their game as food nowadays is generally snapped with a camera and uploaded onto the net for all to see. This will either draw more customers or deter them. One of those places which have used social media to successfully gain a great following is the newbie to town, Higher Ground (650 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD). Their instagram feed was so pretty that I had to head there to experience it.

Higher Ground in Melbourne CBD

This cafe was created by the team who brought us Top Paddock and The Kettle Black. Both are very popular cafes, so Higher Ground was bound to be just as good. This venue is gorgeous. It’s got a high ceiling, arched windows and split level dining areas. The kitchen is open so that you can see your meals being artistically put together. It’s situated at the top end of Little Bourke Street in Melbourne’s CBD, right across the road from Spencer Street DFO and train station.

One of the best brunch places in Melbourne

Hotcakes are generally not my preferred choice for a breakfast dish. The risotto hotcake with grains and flowers was chosen purely for the fact that it looked so good and no-one else was going to order it! Surprisingly, it tasted just as beautiful as it looked, and it was so filling that I was only able to consume half of it. It’s like a huge blueberry muffin with lots of fruit, grains and a dollop of cream. Luckily, the others were more than happy to finish off the dish for me after they had devoured their own meals. The coffee was great as well. The only disappointment was the orange juice which came in small glasses, half filled with ice.

Melbourne Brunch

Every dish was delicious and so well presented. There’s always going to be a risk of your food getting cold before you touch it due to the need for it all to be photographed! It’s especially bad when you dine out with other bloggers and photographers, which is what we did on this occasion. It took ages for us finish photographing every dish! When we were finally able to taste our meals, everyone was impressed and Higher Ground became one of our favourites for breakfast and brunch. They’re also open for lunch and dinner or certain days.

Bookings can only be made for certain times and for a certain number of guests. Mostly, you’ll just have to turn up and they’ll give you the next available table. The four of us arrived there at 10am, which was a great time as we figured that most would have gone to work by then and the brunchers would not have arrived yet. That’s the perks of working for ourselves – taking time off to go brunching when we feel like it!

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