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Brunch with Three Monkeys in Doncaster

The New Kid On The Block in Doncaster

We’ve been wanting to try this place out since it opened earlier this year. Only a short walk away from home and it always looked busy when we walked pass – a great place for a brunch in Doncaster East. It’s always exciting when something new opens up so close, especially when that new place is a place we would enjoy going to again and again.

The reason why we haven’t ventured to Three Monkey’s Place before is that it seriously was too close to home. When we head out to a cafe, it’s generally the destination which draws us there. Of course the food had to be great too! Jackson Court shopping precinct, where Three Monkeys’s Place is located, is small and badly in need of modernisation. There’s some great stores located there, supplying fresh produce. There’s also some great restaurants as well, for those times when I just can’t be bothered in the kitchen.

Ben’s Birthday Brunch

When our friend’s birthday came around, it was the perfect excuse to try Three Monkey’s Place out. The food had us pretty excited and you couldn’t fault the coffee. When I brunch, I’ll always go for bircher musli as it’s one of my all-time favourite things to eat for brunch! It’s been a while since I had a great one. The last one I tried was so beautifully presented but failed in texture and taste. Because there was no bircher musli on the menu, I decided to go the Three Monkeys Breakfast. The other dishes looked pretty delicious as well. When everyone was happy with their food photography, we dug in and enjoyed our meals. Everyone loved their dishes.

Menu With A Difference – We love brunch!

Three Monkeys Place is a lovely and bright cafe with a nice white feature wall. The tables are adorned with little vases of flowers and I love their blue coffee mugs! It’s fairly new so there’s still room for improvement. Maybe they’ll add bircher musli to their menu which would see me there more often! With unique brunch dishes like ‘Porky Pig’ (twice cooked caramelised pork belly), Sweet Monkey (homemade roti pancakes) and Honey Apple Porridge, they already have a fanbase. Some lovely cafe music was missing, which would improve the ambiance. Their little courtyard will be a lovely spot for brunching and lunching during summer. The staff were polite and efficient but were missing a little flair which would put them right up their with the top cafes in Melbourne.

For the Doncaster area, this is definitely the best brunch cafe which I’ve been to and I’m going back for more. Head there with your friends and family, for your next business brunch or take your laptop along to do some work there while being served great food and coffee.

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Three Monkey’s Place
2 Jackson Ct, Doncaster East VIC 3109