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Candice DeVille – Vintage Glamour & Style

When you look at Candice DeVille, you are transported back into the days of old Hollywood glamour. With her hair immaculately styled, her lipstick perfectly painted on and dressed head to toe in retro wear, Candice inspires vintage glamour. She is a model, blogger, stylist, presenter and runs workshops on how to look and be glamorous. 

Take a look into what makes Candice so likeable and followed by thousands ( and Be warned – you might just be inspired to drop that uber casual look for something a little more polished.

For this photo shoot, “Spring” was the theme. It was an incredibly beautiful spring day and Candice looked divine in her pooch-print vintage dress and hat. She brought along her own puppy “Lola”, and what a great photo prop she was!

Coffee Time Interview – Candice DeVille

What is your favourite quote?

“When going after Moby Dick, take along the tartar sauce”. I have no idea where that came from, but I’ve lived by it since my year 12 graduation way back when.

What made you get into blogging and how did you get started?

Blogging for me started in two ways. Firstly as a personal record of what I wore, so I was able to keep track of outfit combinations. Secondly, it was as a way to connect with like-minded people as I found myself stylistically alone where I live.

What do you love most about your job?

Being able to use my diversity of skills and continually learn new ones, all while doing something that makes a real difference to how women feel about themselves.

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What are some things that you find challenging about your work?

The work is more emotionally draining than most people would realise. Remembering to take time to put back in and remain inspired and fresh is so important. It is all too easy to get carried away with deadlines and commitments, leaving those things that truly elevate you to second place. Giving myself permission to take time off is my biggest struggle.

What would you like to achieve with your blog in five years?

The blog is a continually evolving body of work that has launched a number of new business initiatives. It may take more than five years to achieve, but ultimately I’d like to see it play a part in changing Australia’s fashion landscape. Seeing our uber casual Australian style give way to more excuses for dressing up and supporting the local Australian fashion industry.

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What does your typical work day involve?

Lots of administration, writing, editing, photoshoots, consulting with clients, developing new ideas and keeping in touch with my readers / viewers.

What has been the highlight of your blogging career?

Receiving personal letter from readers of how their lives have changed for the better through the community they’ve found on the blog. One particularly memorable letter received from 1950’s film star Aleshia Brevard, after I wrote an article on her past, how touched she was by both the piece and the readers response!

What advice would you give to those considering starting a blog?

Having a blog is somewhat like having a puppy. It isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life!
It requires constant love and attention, skill, passion, thoughtfulness and commitment to have a healthy relationship. It can make you incredibly happy, but it can also drive you mad. Blogging, like a puppy, is not for everyone!

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What is your favourite item of clothing?

That’s like asking me to choose a favourite child! They all have their unique qualities, but there is one amazing 1940’s fur felt hat I picked up in New Orleans I simply adore! It is a deep maroon colour and has a huge curled ostrich feather that is dip dyed in tri-tone pink ombre style.

Where do you shop for your vintage wardrobe?

Everywhere and anywhere! Online, in little boutiques, op shops around the country, car boot sales; just about anywhere that looks like a bit of a treasure hunt.

Who is your idol or inspiration and why?

One of my professional inspirations is Joan Crawford, who had a clear goal and applied her perfectionism to herself first. Sophia Loren; for her style, magnetism, classic sex appeal and exceptional marriage. And Richard Branson; following his fantastic dreams in the face of ridicule and learning from his mistakes to go on to bigger and better things.

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Have you always had a love of vintage clothes? When did it all start?

Almost as far back as I can remember I’ve loved vintage; although it wasn’t called that then. From the first moment I saw an MGM film I was in love, and knew that was the world I wanted to be a part of.

What are some words that best describe you?

Enthusiastic, passionate, inspired, divergent thinker.

What is the most fabulous place that you have been to?

I’ve been to a lot of different places; from the third world to the first. The one I’d love to go back to and have even more time to explore is The Hearst Castle in California. Picture all the fabulous things you’d create in your own dream castle, and you begin to have an idea of what this world is like!

What do you love most about Melbourne?

No matter what floats your boat, you’ll find a community here that shares your love. You just have to look beyond the surface.


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Where is the best place to hang out in Melbourne?

The greenhouse in Fitzroy Botanical Gardens. Romantic, ever changing and thoroughly inspiring.

What is your favourite mood lifter?

Listening to Doris Day. I challenge anyone to be in a grumpy mood whilst listening to her tunes!

Finish this sentence: To be happy, fabulous and successful, a woman should…

… aim to be better than she was yesterday!


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