lady cutler docklands cruise

Docklands Cruise

Champagne Lunching on the Lady Cutler

Winter showed it’s head that day. Our champagne lunch boat cruise on the Lady Cutler was looking like it was going to be a little bit of a chilly one so I dressed in full winter wear. Ideally, it could have been one of the gorgeously warm days which we had been enjoying up until then. At least it was a sunny one and most importantly – the sea was fairly calm. The last time I was on a boat was quite a few years ago, when we made the trip on a ferry from Adelaide to Kangaroo. It was only a 45 minute trip but, as the waves were a little rough, I was seasick in no time at all! So I did have my reservations about lunch on a boat!

A Docklands Cruise

Braving my fears of turning green while out on a lovely lunch cruise, I boarded the Lady Cutler with hubby and kids in tow. We were offered champagne on arrival (soft drinks for the kids) and since I had been on a champagne adventure the whole week, I happily accepted one more. Seated at a table like at any other restaurant, waiting staff came around to offer us delicious bite-sized food. There was sushi, mini-burgers, prawns and oysters – and that was only for starters! Mains were served smorgasbord style not too long after, followed by delicious sweets. Needless to say, we rolled off the boat at the end of the day. Seasickness was kind to me and stayed away.

We had great intentions of creating some lovely photos outside on the boat’s deck  (me wearing a sundress which would flutter with the sea breeze) but the cold day deterred us from doing that! We did venture out onto the deck briefly while the sun shone but decided that photos of our little boy would be more interesting than a cold looking me. He was so happy to be allowed in the bridge with the captain of the boat! 

The cruise started in the Docklands and took us on a slow cruise to Williamstown and back, allowing us to take in some sea air and view Melbourne’s skyline. This is really something lovely to do with friends and family.

A Melbourne experience

It’s also a great idea for romantic date! If you do take young children, don’t forget to pack some items to entertain them (it’s a two and a half hour tour). They even offer to hire the whole boat as a wedding venue – would be fun to photograph a wedding on the Lady Cutler … one day … it’s on the bucket list!

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