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Dress to Impress – Lone Traveller Maxi Dress

A dress to turn heads – Lone Traveller Maxi Dress

This is such a flattering dress to wear! With a delicate floral print on white and it’s 3/4 sleeves, this dress oozes ladylike charm. The button through front allows you to button up or down as much as you like, for a more seductive look. This Lone Traveller Maxi dress turns heads! As you’re walking along, your leg makes an appearance with each step. If there’s a slight breeze, the dress will float away around your body, creating a flattering silhouette.

The perfectionist in me.

Now there’s nothing wrong with phone photos! But as I’m a photographer, I’m not a fan of stepping out onto the pathways or alleyways for a quick phone snap of an outfit. It always takes a little time for me to put an outfit blog post together due to wanting some great photos of it! Guess I’m a bit of a perfectionist. The end results are always worth the effort. We’d like to think that the photos we produce tell a story and will remain timeless. The most difficult thing is to find a location which suits the outfit which is being featured.

Location, Location

Some suburbs of Melbourne have a lot more to offer in photo locations. In areas such as Toorak, South Yarra, Hawthorn and East Melbourne (just to name a few) there are so many lovely photography locations. There are beautiful buildings and parks everywhere you look. Unfortunately, the area which I live in does not have many spots which inspire us to get creative, so we have to travel a little. This time, we headed towards the city using it as the backdrop for this dress, framed by some greenery.

Slowing it down – Lone Traveller

Wanting to make the most of getting prettied up for the photo shoot, I dragged hubby off to Richmond to try out a cafe for some lunch prior to the photo shoot. We had given ourselves a day off from our usually hectic schedule. It’s something which we do often, just to give us some breathing space and to slow things down a little. With a few hours to spare before having to pick up the little on from school, we would go on a lunch date in a trendy part of Melbourne. The day was beautiful and bright with a gentle breeze flapping my dress around, turning heads as I strode along the pathway.  A gorgeous dress such as this deserves to be worn as much as possible!

The full sun would have made photographing a little more difficult but the day was slightly overcast, allowing us to produce some lovely photos in the early part of the afternoon.

Dress:   Showpo Lone Traveller Maxi Dress

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