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Fabulous Femme Turns 1

Wowee! Fabulous Femme has been named as one of the top 40 Beauty and Lifestyle blogs of the Kidspot Voices of 2014!

Australian Top 40 Blog - badgeFabulous Femme, apart from our kids, is our other pride and joy. It’s only just turned one, so to be in the top 40 of the best blogs in Australia in it’s category is just über amazing! What a great birthday present!

Up until now, it was still unclear where we wanted the Fabulous Femme blog to head. Did we want a pure fashion blog or maybe head more for a photography blog? It recently became clear that we shouldn’t choose one or the other, we’ll simply make it a beautiful photography blog with gorgeous fashion! Still, why did this not seem enough? It felt as if we were doing what a lot of other people are doing already.

Happy 1st Birthday! What’s next …

Being landed in the top 40 of Beauty and Lifestyle blogs has got us thinking again. Looking at previous winners of this competition, we could see that there were elements which we need to add to Fabulous Femme to make it great. We want Fabulous Femme to have something of interest to a lot of different people. The blog posts we write will have to have some substance to it. It’s going to be a fusion of everything and anything that we are passionate about – fashion, photography, lifestyle, travel, events, family life and love. It’s not going to be about the numbers of hits or followers, it’s going to be all from the heart.

We want our followers to look at our pages and leave with some lasting impressions and some inspiration. We want people to be inspired to live life like we live ours, to dream big and just go for it! Life is seriously too short! Be fabulous every day!

A great and happy life …

Regardless of how we do in the Kidspot Voices of 2014 competition, we’ve already won a lot by being recognised as a great blog. It’s also given us a push in a positive direction. In the end, the Fabulous Femme blog is something which we want to always love to do. It’s something which will be there for our children to look back on and hopefully think “Gees, our parents lived a great and happy life”. Hopefully our fabulous life will inspire them to live theirs to the fullest.

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