melbourne cup in rain - fashion in the rain

We at Fabulous Femme want to do things a little differently this time. We’re not going to bombard you with a thousand photos all in one go and leave you hanging on until the next season to see any more. We’re going to post photos regularly throughout the year! There’s so many photos which you will not want to miss seeing.

We promise that they’ll be the best to come out of the 2015 Melbourne Cup Carnival!

Throughout the year, we’ll be covering other racing events as well so you’ll be seeing new content all year long. This is the place to visit for your millinery, fashion, portrait and photography fix! We’ll be throwing in lots of other great things which happen throughout the year as well so pop on back whenever you can!

Derby Day 2015

Part 1 – Fashion in the Rain.

This was the wettest and coldest Melbourne Cup Carnival which I have experienced to date. It rained for the start of Derby Day, not that it deterred the fashionable ladies! They were all so beautifully dressed and somehow managed not to get wet, muddied or put a hair out of place. Rain or shine, the Fashions on the Field show must go on.

For our first instalment of Derby Day 2015, we share with you some of the Fashions on the Field contestants and how they stayed dry and beautiful to impress the judges. It’s a traditionally black and white kind of day and we love black and white photography so we’ll start off like this. Don’t worry, we’ll show them in colour later on.


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