creative flower headband for melbourne spring racing carnival 2016

Flower Headband – Leather Crown

Leather Crown

Crowns were so popular for headwear throughout the last Spring Racing Carnival season and it doesn’t look like they’re disappearing any time soon. As a photographer at the races, crowns and headbands are the most practical choice of headwear for me as they allow me to manoeuvre my camera around with ease while snapping away at all the gorgeously dressed race-goers! Ok, even if I weren’t there to take photos – I’d still wear a crown or a headband because they make you feel like a princess!

DIY Leather Headband for the Melbourne Spring Carnival

For this Melbourne Cup, I decided to play with some leather and create a fun piece. I whipped it up the day beforehand as I’m so organised and had all that was needed to create this fabulous piece! In honesty, I’m a collector and a hoarder. It so happens that I visited an amazing leather supplier in West Melbourne and bought stacks of leather with great intentions of learning to make leather bags. There were so many off-cuts which I knew would be great for leather headpieces so I snapped them up as well. Thank goodness I did so as some of that beautiful leather was used to create the sweet headband I wore to the Melbourne Cup. As for the leather bags, they’re still in the thought process.

Spring Racing – Leather Crown 2016

The best thing about working with leather is that there is no need to sew if you use leather of the right texture and stiffness! Use the right glue and it bonds together really well. If you want to play around with leather – use a shoe fix glue, which is a specific glue for leather. This stuff sticks leather together and keeps them stuck!

Go grab some leather and create something fabulous for your next day at the races!

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