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Forest Dreaming

Take a guess at who I’m channelling in this photo shoot?……Yep, it’s Pocahontas! Okay, maybe not, but the being in the forest and the teepee brought her to mind.

There is something magical about the forests in Germany. They consist mainly of pine and fir trees which grow very narrow and tall. This forest in particular, which lies on the outskirts of Marktredwitz, also houses spruce trees. A forest is a place where I feel at peace and at one with nature. It’s a place where there is an absence of the technology which fills our everyday lives, making it a place of escape – to rejuvenate.

Andreas spent his childhood running around in this forest, his home was right on the edge of it. The teepee was there when he was a little boy, and it’s holding up quite nicely. It acts as a shelter for people to rest while hiking there.

If you walk around gently, you’ll discover wildlife such as foxes, squirrels, deers, stags, hedgehogs, wild boars and rabbits. Wild fruits such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries grow nicely here as well as the wild mushrooms which I so love with my steaks!

There are lots of little streams which children like to walk along and build damns in. Mainly it’s a great forest for short or long hikes or bike rides. There’s the hike to the Koesseine, a 939 meter high lookout tower with a mountain hut which you can stay in or just drop by for a nice meal or a beer. There is also a hike to Luisenburg which has an ancient rock labyrinth and one of the most beautiful outdoor theaters in Germany.

Here is a Melbourne forest for comparison: Forest Nymph.

 My outfit

For this photo shoot, I chose this vibrant yellow, silk Christopher Chronis maxi dress. I don’t wear a lot of yellow, but it’s a colour which puts me in a happy mood. Wearing something that doesn’t really belong in the setting creates a bit of interest in photos, and the yellow pops out amongst the greenery of the forest.

I did feel pretty special traipsing around the forest in this fluid silk dress. It’s so beautifully quiet in this area, with hardly anyone else around. There were a couple of hikers who passed us but didn’t even notice me as I wandered around amongst the trees. The photos turned out quite dream-like.

What do you think?

high up in the trees

bracelet on tree

forest pictures - trunk - flowers - berries

german forest - wandering - hiking near Marktredwitz

deep dark forest

girl in forest

girl in the forest - wearing yellow dress - outfit photo shoot in forest

yellow dress in forest

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tree bark

Pocahontas in the forest

melbourne blogger as pocahontas in europe - creative forest photography

Melbourne fashion blogger turning pocahontas

pocahontas in melbourne

melbourne pocahontas

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