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Fun at Luna Park in Melbourne

A sunny day in Melbourne. School Holidays. A perfect day to visit Luna Park in Melbourne with little one.

We arrived early at 11am (opening time) to avoid the crowds and purchased a unlimited ride ticket. When you spend some time at the park it’s definitely worth it. Of course you can also buy single ride tickets (good when you only want to go on the famous scenic railway or big carousel.)

Big Mouth Entrance and Scenic Railway Rollercoaster

After entering through the iconic big mouth entrance (great photo opportunity!) you can take a stroll through the park. There is no entrance fee to just walk around when you don;t want to take any of the rides. There are rides for all ages from three years old (most have a height limit between 1.10m and 1.30m). But mainly older kids will have lots of fun in the more thrilling rides. A perfect day out for the family.

You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks.  and even can walk through the park without paying entrance (in case you don’t want to go on any of the rides). But even then you can always treat the kids to some popcorn or a massive fairy floss.

A family fun day at Luna Park

Ethan enjoyed most the scenic railway – the iconic Melbourne rollercoaster. It’s the oldest, continually operating roller coaster in the world (opened 1912). The wooden structure is impressive and surrounds Luna Park. Each carriage has it’s own driver (standing up!).

He thought the rocking boat “Twin Dragon” was pretty scary as there are no seatbelts . The ferris wheel was fun to get a fantastic view over the park and the Melbourne bay.

The only disappointment was the “Ghost Train” which broke down after a 30 min wait in line (the rise is pretty slow as it has only has 2 carriages for 2 people each) … so it takes some time. But don’t forget that this train was build in 1934 and is still operational.

10 Tips for your Luna Park visit in Melbourne

  1. Arrive early – best at opening time to beat the crowds and get a few rides done.
  2. Some rides have longer wait times than others. Be flexible and line up where there are less people. Some rides such as the Ghost train have not much capacity and even a short line can be a long wait.
  3. The scenic railway is a must do!
  4. Bring your own food/drinks. The wait times even for food can be long.
  5. Visit Luna Park by night … enjoy the sparkling lights …
  6. You don’t like rides. You still can have fun at Luna Park. It’s no entrance fee so it’s a nice stroll through the amusement park and you can treat yourself to some fairy floss.
  7. Some of the entertainment comes at an extra cost (even when you bought the unlimited ride ticket). Games Arcade or Carnival Games and Games Huts offer you some prizes but you pay extra.
  8. You can buy tickets online to avoid queues (and you can use the extra discounts from the automotive clubs (10%) or the entertainment handbook (25%).
  9.  Don’t forget your camera … lots of photo opportunities.
  10. Make sure you check the opening times and attraction status. Esp. in winter the park is often closed and some attractions undergo maintenance. (October 2017: At the moment the big carousel is closed).

Enjoy your day at Luna Park Melbourne.
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