TRavel and fashion shoot in Paris by Melbourne Fashion blogger - dior style at the eiffel tower

Goodbye 2014 – Hello 2015

This year was an incredible year for us. It was incredibly busy with our added commitment to keeping our blog filled with content which we were proud of sharing with you all. At times, it was a struggle to come up with fresh ideas as we were unsure of which direction we wanted our blog to go. Eventually, we decided to just go with the flow and blog about whatever fabulous adventures came our way. Blog posts would always be accompanied with beautiful imagery created by us. The blog was created to be a catalyst to push us creatively, and to assist us in becoming the best photographers that we can be. We’re glad to say that we’re constantly getting better.

Passion and inspiration

Eiffel Tower Dior inspirationIt’s not always easy to come up with concepts for our photo shoots. We’re grateful for our collaborations which have kept us inspired. Travel is another thing that always offers some inspiration. It’s lucky that we have family and friends who live in Europe, which means that we visit on a regular basis. Australia also offers an abundance of inspiration, we just have to move a little further than our own back yard to find it! Although there is a lot of fashion posts on our blog, we try to find different locations to showcase them in. If you haven’t noticed yet, the beach is a favourite backdrop for us. We’re hoping to head off on a road trip soon, which will see us on a few different beaches for some wind-down time. Even though we’re on holidays, we will still produce some lovely photo shoots. We’re that passionate about what we do!

What a year – we can’t wait for 2015!

In case you missed it, Fabulous Femme was in the Voices of 2014 campaign as one of the top 40 beauty and lifestyle blogs in Australia. We also took on the Garnier Innovative Beauty challenge and impressed the people over at Garnier so much that they gave us an award! The award came with a stack load of prizes. It was really amazing to achieve all this, doing something which we loved!

Through blogging, we’ve met some inspirational people and attend some wonderful events. We’ve produced work that we’re very proud of. 2015 already has some great things waiting ahead for us and it’s exciting to see where we our blog will take us. It’s all going to be shared right here with you!

Thanks for following along. We hope you’ve enjoyed our content and have gained some inspiration from Fabulous Femme. If you have, we’d love to hear from you! We’re dreaming big and working towards making our dreams, and dreams of others, a reality. Hope you do the same.

Dior Style at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Fabulous Femme will sign off with a photo shoot in Paris. We got up to shoot at sunrise, only there was no sunrise! A few clouds didn’t spoil our day or stop us from going ahead and producing some lovely vintage, Dior inspired photos. I’m wearing a vintage silk jacket, a vintage floral hat, an Alannah Hill dress and shoes from Nine West.

Have a fabulous time, whatever you are doing to end this year with.


Paris - Fashion - Dior eiffel tower collage dior style



eiffel tower Pink dress covers legs portrait of girl with pink millinery in paris pink dress - photo shoot creative ideas walking down steps in long dress



pink dress - movement Dior inspired photo shoot Dior style in Paris


Life is too short – make it a fabulous one!

See you in 2015!