stylish mermaid - inspirational fairy tale photo shoot at the beach

I believe … that mermaids exist.

About mermaids

The fascination with mermaids has been around forever. These mythical creatures have been written about in many tales, sometimes as the cause of the doom and destruction, sometimes as creatures of beauty who fall in love with humans. The most famous of all mermaids is Hans Christian Anderson’s ’The Little Mermaid’ (1836). It’s a more friendly tale of the mermaid as opposed to the tale told by the Brothers Grimm. The tale was even made into a movie by Disney Productions. Daryl Hannah starred alongside Tom Hanks as a mermaid in the romantic comedy movie Splash (1984). Gorgeous supermodel, Gemma Ward, was a not-so-nice mermaid in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Percy Jackson runs into some deadly sirens in ‘The Sea of Monsters’.

The mermaid tales started back in ancient Assyria. Atargatis was a goddess who accidentally kills her human lover and takes the form of a mermaid to punish and hide herself away.

Mermaids are also associated with Sirens, which is a combination of Dugongs and Manatees. On his exploration of the Caribbean, Christopher Columbus reported that he sighted them! More sightings have been reported since then but there has been no evidence to support these sightings.

Whether you believe in mermaids or not, these sea beauties are a constant source of inspiration for writers and photographers. We at Fabulous Femme believe that mermaids are real and are going to capture some beautiful images of them to share with you.

Mermaid Elyan

The first mermaid we encountered is the gorgeous Elyan. We came across her as we were walking along Seaford beach. She had just come up for a brief rest and to enjoy the sunset. She kindly granted our request for a few photos, and then speedily disappeared as other people approached.

Elyan comes from a species of black-tailed mermaids. The scales on her gorgeous tail glimmer in the sunlight. If you see something glimmer while you are out at sea, or are on a lonely stretch of beach at sunset, it just might be Elyan or one of her kind. Approach slowly and with a warm smile and you too may have a wonderful encounter with a mermaid!

Enjoy the photos!

mermaid tale

pretty mermaid - creative fairy tale photography - portraits

photographing mermaids at the beach

pretty beach mermaids

mermaid tale - creative fairy tale photo shoot at the beach

sitting beach mermaid in Australia

sunset beach mermaid

Model: Elyan Shotbolt

Styling: Fabulous Femme

Hair and make-up: Elyan Shotbolt and Fabulous Femme

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