Kidspot Voices 2014 gala awards - Capturing the night

Kidspot Voices Gala Awards 2014

What an fabulous event it was. Kidspot put on quite a spread for the Voices of 2014 bloggers, down at Sketches in the Docklands. We mingled and scoffed down tasty food from the Atlantic Group while watching the sun set. It was lovely to finally meet some of the bloggers which we follow and converse with in the blogging world. What a friendly gathering of people! It didn’t matter if you didn’t know anyone there, a friendly face was there to greet you wherever you turned! There were just not enough hours of the event to get around and speak to everyone!

On arrival, you had to pick a miniature Olympus camera up. The name on the camera was your selfie buddy, someone whom you had to head over to the Olympus corner and get creative with. The most creative selfie won the selfie buddies an impressive Olympus OM-D EM10 each!

Unfortunately I wasn’t creative enough to win one but I did get to meet a couple of lovely bloggers through it! My selfie buddies were Clare from ‘Checks And Spots’ and Christiana from ‘Tales Of A Kitchen’ (who flew all the way from Perth especially for the event). Congrats to Emma from the ‘Illlusive Femme’ and Kerryn from ‘Theme From Jak‘ for putting your creative caps on and winning those cameras!

My selfie buddies did win some fabulous prizes though. Congrats to Christiana for winning the People’s Choice category and congratulations to Clare from “Checks and Spots” for being the overall winner of the Voices of 2014 competition! As for Fabulous Femme, we walked off with the Garnier “Innovative Beauty” award! What an amazing achievement for our young blog! Thank you so much Garnier for liking our work!

Melissa Hoyer (Australia’s most respected and leading media, lifestyle and fashion commentator) hosted the awards night. There were tears of joy from BoyEatsWorld blogger, Aleney, who won the ‘Paint The Town Ford’ challenge. Aleney wins her family approximately $64,000 in prizes including a Ford SUV for 1 year, which her son was wishing for for Christmas. Their family had been through a rough trot and this win was really appreciated.

Outside, a cheeky talking Ford Territory put smiles on bloggers faces. There, bloggers had the opportunity to snap a selfie with the car which spoke to them and win a $500 David Jones gift card. Laney Galligan took out that one. Check out a little video about Terry Ford.

There were lots of other winners such as “City Hippy Farm Girl” (Olympus Family Lens challenge), The Sugar Hit (Category Winner Food & Wellbeing), Practising Simplicity (Category Personal & Parenting), Sonia Styling (Garnier Smart Beauty challenge) & The Plumbette (Healtheries Challenge). It shows how diverse the Australian blogging scene is.

Thank you Kidspot Voices of 2014 and all the generous sponsors. The blogging community gets such a huge boost with campaigns such as this one. It’s so nice to be recognised and rewarded for your efforts. Most of us blog for the love of it and we find it really motivating when faced with these wonderful challenges that you provide for us.

Thank you to all you bloggers out there. You have inspired us to do what we are doing. We hope you love working on your blogs as much as we love working of Fabulous Femme. Keep up the great work and challenge yourselves to get as far as you can with your blogs. We’re excited to see what Fabulous Femme can do. Please follow us for the ride.

We had lots of fun!

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