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Life by the Poolside – Resort 2016

Life’s Little Luxury

It’s one of life’s little luxuries for me, to lounge around by the poolside at a nice resort and soak up some warm sunshine. Luckily for those in Australia, a quick trip to the northern parts will have you defrosting from winter’s cold in no time at all. There are many resorts up there which offer a serene environment, surrounding you with palm trees and blue water.

Luxury Holidays in Australia

There are some fantastic holiday destinations in Australia with beautiful luxury resorts. Great Australian resort destinations include Byron Bay, Kingscliff, Gold Coast, Noosa, Port Douglas – just to name a few! Then there are places like Hamilton Island and the Whitsundays, which we have yet to visit! It’s our intention to visit as many of them as we can!

For those who are lucky to have the time and patience for travel, we head to far-off places such as Mallorca, Spain. It’s a long haul to get there and the pool is normally not this empty! We just made the most of the warm, quiet morning while all were still in bed or at breakfast. The pool water was also slightly too cold for a dip at that time of the morning so no-one ventured there that early.

Relaxing the Right Way

We spent much of our rest days just lying on the swing beds, watching the little one endlessly splash away in the blue water. Some days it was slightly too cool for me to venture into the water and some days it was slightly too hot to sit for too long in the full blast of the sun’s rays!

Our comfortable hotel room wasn’t too far away for some reprieve from the heat. A quick nap was always a great idea. We also had the pool bar and restaurant to retreat to for some great food and cooling beverages. Every pool should have a pool bar! There are some resorts which have a pool which you swim up to for drinks!

Poolside Attire – Resort 2016

Most of the holidays was spent in either a kaftan or a sweet little crochet top, such as the one I’m wearing here from Seed Heritage, thrown over a swimsuit. It’s the acceptable attire for anywhere within the hotel grounds, even to the breakfast restaurant!

Only when I went touring and was required to look different for our photo shoots did I change into something different. Mostly, it was very warm from morning till night and there was no need for warm clothing. In my ideal world, the climate is always like this and I would live in very little clothing.

Crochet top: Seed Heritage
Sandals: Zu
Sunglasses: Max Mara

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