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Mansion – Melbourne Fashion

Showpo Midi Dress – Melbourne Fashion

If I had to choose to dress in only two colours, I’d surprise you and choose black and white! Black would always be first pick as I’m a Melbourne girl, then it’s fresh white. I’ve got a few white dresses and this Worthwhile Midi Dress from Showpo has become one of my favourites. It’s so ladylike and easy to wear. I’ve teamed it up with some nude heels for this photo shoot but I’m going to pair it with my new white sneakers for the next outing.

Europe does have the most wonderful architecture and we never struggle to find a photo location there. Every building and house was something different and interesting, just because it’s somewhere different. If you look around enough, there are some places in Australia which will also blow you away, such as this gorgeous mansion which a friend has kindly allowed us to use.

Melbourne Fashion Photo Location

We’re always challenged when it comes to finding photo locations here in Melbourne as we’ve already shot at so many parts of it. Even though the beach is our favourite scene, we need a variety of locations to keep our photography interesting. That is why our blog posts always takes some time, we have to scout for the right location.

This mansion is such a beautiful piece of architecture which transports you back to a romantic time where ladies dressed impeccably, finished with hats and gloves. Even though I’m wearing neither a hat or gloves, this dress was perfect for traipsing around the mansion in. This home looks like it should be sitting in the middle of a large sprawling garden, somewhere in an English countryside. Thanks goodness it is heritage protected for us to enjoy to this day.

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