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Mermaids are real

I caught sight of this beautiful mermaid, Joey, as she sat serenely staring at the sunset. Her tail was a glistening silver and semi transparent towards the tip, blending into the sea when she sat close to the water’s edge. 

Joey is silver-tailed mermaid, originating from the North Sea in Europe. Mermaids from that region are generally blonde with silver tails. It’s winter in Europe right now and the warm Australian sea was the ideal destination for the European mermaids to escape to.

This stunning mermaid was very obliging when I asked to take some portraits of her. Her skin was illuminated by the setting sun, her hair was styled by the sea, her movements were graceful.

Being the curious person that I am, I asked her how she spent most of her days. She is a keeper of marine life. Joey attends to the distress calls of sea creatures, and the occasional human out at sea, which are in need of her help. She wishes that she could help everyone but alas, some are gone by the time she reaches them. Today she was able to save a whale which had beached itself on our coastline. She was just taking some time to reflect on it when I discovered her.

Mermaid Joey will be staying in Australian waters for the duration of the summer. When you are wandering around a beach at sunset, keep a sharp eye out for this beauty and other ones who are gracing us with their presence.

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Mermaid: Joey

Styling: Fabulous Femme

Hair and make-up: Rebecca Vaughan

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