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Monochrome me

Welcome to Schloss Charlottenburg of Berlin. Ok, it’s another castle. This is now officially a castle blog! Who doesn’t love strolling around well manicured grounds and gazing at beautiful sculptures? Personally, I just can’t get enough of them. The interior of theses castles don’t interest me as much as the exterior. I’ve seen so many castle interiors and they tend to look the same after a while. Lots of luxury and extravagance!

Dress like a princess …

When I do visit these castles, I like to dress like a princess. This doesn’t mean that I always splurge out and spend a fortune on one, it means that I like to wear pieces which are appropriate. This Zara dress was the chosen outfit of the day. Black and white is always in fashion! Even though I’m not huge on peplums (they’ve stuck around for a while) I’m happy with the teeny tiny ones on this dress. The length of this dress is just perfect! It’s my ideal dress length and even though it looks quite fitted, there’s room for me to stride around in. Though they aren’t princess shoes, these Wittner lace-ups are the shoes which I’ve been living in while I tour around Europe. It’s a bonus that these shoes look great as well as being comfy! Keeping my accessories simple, I opted for this gorgeous new beaded bracelet, which was a gift from a friend. It’s only available in selected boutiques in Germany but may be on the web soon. Stay tuned.

Black & White Derby Day Outfit – Monochrome me

This dress would be a prefect Derby Day dress. It may not be available in Australia on time for the Melbourne Spring Carnival (I purchased it in Germany), but I’m sure there will be so many dresses in their stores for you to choose from.

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