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Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of attending Moogy’s Amy Winehouse performance at Globe Cafe in Prahran, Melbourne. This woman has a voice and knows how to entertain! She’s got her sights set on world domination and she’ll go far with her up-beat attitude. Check out the interview with this lovely talent.

Make sure you scroll down and listen to her amazing voice (click on the youtube video) while reading this interview:

1) What’s your full name?

Déborrah “Moogy” Morgane

2) What’s your favourite quote?

Is that a microphone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?


Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounding yourself with a’’’holes.

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3) If you could swap places with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Well most of the people I can think of have now regrettably passed away…so if I swapped places, I would no longer be here…which could be alright…I guess things would then be pretty quiet and uneventful.,. which could get a little boring after some time…

Otherwise ( if they were still alive), I’d say someone like Eartha Kitt or Amy Winehouse…but not for too long…just long enough to see what life would have been like looking through their eyes…but I kind of like my life as it is and would like to keep it thanks.

4) What was your first job?

Being a child…it hasn’t really changed much.

5) Did you have another career path you wanted to pursue?


6) When was your first performance to and how did you feel about it?

I studied piano since I was six years old and also did a lot of dance and theatre performances but my first memorable “performance” as such was probably when my mum dressed me up like Liberacce for “ The Great Déborracce Show” in front of Grade 4 parents, teachers and students. The show consisted of playing a short piano piece by Litz, then getting up on the piano stool and doing a back flip. Wow! (My mum still calls me Déborracce sometimes).

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7) What’s the best place that you’ve performed at?

The “Atrium” at Crown Casino in Melbourne.

8) What has been the highlight of your musical career?

This last twelve months have been pretty eventful. I started doing my French shows again after taking a short break, wrote a lot of songs, started building a fan base with social media and having songs played on the radio, got my originals band together (“Moogy”), been doing quite a lot of gigs and about to release a new EP, started the Amy Winehouse Show which is a lot of fun…so I really think that the last twelve months have been the highlight of my career. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by people who really care and are very supportive, those people mainly being my partner, my mother and my daughters (thank you to all of you xx).


9) Who do you look up to for musical inspiration?

Many different artists in many different genres. I don’t like cornering myself with one artist or one particular music style. I like being versatile…so anyone from Nina Simone, Eartha Kitt and Amy Winehouse to Serge Gainsbourg, Juliette Gréco and David Bowie ( I hope I’m not too confusing for you).


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10) If you made it really famous, what would you do with your fame to change the world?

Where do I start????…I’ll think of something great when I’m famous…I believe in one step at a time…opportunities show up as you go, you can’t always calculate everything and look too far ahead.

11) What does a typical day for you consist of?

Wake up with hair looking like Medusa ( says my eldest daughter Chloé), coffee, feed children (I also have a younger daughter, Jade…or Jadé as she likes to spell it), take children to school, go to University ( I’m currently doing a Bachelor degree in Music Business) or if no Uni then come home, computer, computer, computer, sing sing, sing, play, play, play, pick up children, feed children, go to gig if there’s a gig, come home, have one last drink, go to bed ( Oh yes, and I did wash and brush my hair earlier in the morning).

12) What do you want to achieve in five years?

World domination!!!!!!!

13) Where is the most fabulous place you have been to?

Disneyland Paris. The fake “soap bubble” snow is beautiful…I think I could live there.


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14) What do you love most about Melbourne?

The multiculturalism and the squarish griddishness of the city which makes it easier NOT to get lost (compared to somewhere like Brussels where I grew up, or even Paris where I didn’t grow up).

15) What is your favourite mood lifter when you are feeling a little down?

Some music or even a good adventure/fantasy/sci-fi movie, a drink, some hugs and a block of dark chocolate.

16) What is your favourite time waster?

Singing and playing…loudly.

17) How would you describe your fashion style?



18) Finish this sentence:

To be happy, fabulous and successful, a woman should…………………be happy, fabulous and successful!