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No vacancy!

There are quite a few interesting sculptures along the eastlink between the city and Mornington Peninsular and this unwelcoming hotel is one of them. We’ve been wanting to stop here for a photo shoot for a while now and since we were down there for the Mornington Cup race day, we finally made that stop.

When we first laid eyes on this hotel, we admittedly thought that it could have been a real one! We were thinking how stupid they were to build one so close to the freeway! Haha, who were the stupid ones!

If you take a close look, there are no doors to this hotel. There are no guests either! It’s an empty hotel created by a Canadian – Callum Morton. If you haven’t guessed already, the piece of art is named “Hotel”.

My outfit

With a bit more thought and preparation, the shoot would have ideally included a suitcase, with me banging on the hotel walls trying to get in! These photo shoots take a lot of time which we just don’t have at the moment! That is why I am seen here in my Mornington Cup race outfit. It’s a fun trapeze dress which I created from a skirt.

The headpiece was thrown together very quickly with items which I had around my home – felt placemats set on a headband with a hair comb to keep it in place when the wind blows! A little bit of creativity goes a long way.


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