Refuge Cove in Wilsons Prom - Hiking Adventure

Refuge Cove Campground – Wilsons Promontory National Park

Refuge Cove Campground

This campsite was our lunch break spot. As tempted as we were to go for a swim on that scorcher of a day, we knew it would slow us down too much and we really did want to get to the beach closer to Little Waterloo Bay. Instead, we just took our shoes off for a while, filled up our water bladders, had lunch and continued. 

This is a campsite for hikers and boaters. Boats can pull right into the bay and moor there. We loved seeing display of names of boats which were used to form a fence/wall when we arrived there. It’s quite an open campsite which didn’t offer a lot of privacy. The creek tap was flowing so we hydrated ourselves, using our water purifier. 

Refuge Cove is too close to Sealers Cove for us to stay at. Some hikers would prefer to stay here over Sealers Cove as it’s a little more challenging to get to. This campground is a little too flat and open for my liking (compared to Sealers Cove) but the beach is just beautiful.


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