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Spring Racing – 10 Tips how to win the Melbourne Fashions on the Field

Here’s what I have learnt over my many years of being involved in the Fashions on the Field in Melbourne at the spring racing carnival. Following my guidelines will not guarantee you a win. It might not even get you into the finals. You may even feel totally discouraged from entering a competition!

The Winners
See the winner of the Fashions on the Field 2013 here – Chloe Moo
See the winner of the Fashions on the Field 2014 here – Brodie Worrell
See the winner of the Fashions on the Field 2015 here – Emily Hunter

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You shouldn’t enter these competitions with the intention to win because if you do you’re more than likely going to be disappointed. Go into them with a good attitude and see it as the fun and confidence building activity it is. Make sure to read all my10 tips below and please write me in the comments what you think a winner needs!

Melbourne Cup spring racing fashions

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10 Tips for the spring racing carnival – fashions on the field competition

1) Be trendy or classic

The outfit must be a very current trend or totally uniquely classic. If your grandmother is not a designer extraordinaire, you could have a design made to measure. Both the Caulfield Cup and the Melbourne Cup Carnival winners of 2012 had tailor made dresses which were right on trend for the season. Off the rack dresses get a little tiring as there are so many of them floating around. The judges love a unique outfit. Spring/summer 2014 has a lot of Japanese influence. There are some gorgeous dresses from the Toni Maticevski range which I’m dreaming about! I think the peplum needs to be buried now.

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2) Feel good in what you wear

Wear something that you feel good in and suits you. Don’t get into the trap of dressing in something you think the judges would be looking out for. It’s such a subjective thing. Every judge looks for something different. I’ve seen ladies who have not gone past the first round at one competition, to then go all the way to win first prize at another. Recycle your outfits!

3) A hat is a must

The hat has to compliment the outfit. It pays to visit a good milliner. If it’s out of your budget, it’s worth learning to make your own. Sculptural and vintage hats are very popular with the judges. I’ve seen so many gorgeously dressed women out there who are let down by their hats or headpieces.

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4) Make-up and Hair

Immaculate hair and makeup helps. It’s all about grooming and details, right down to your manicure! You don’t want loose hair flying around your face on a windy day.

5) Accessories

Accessories are super important! Your bag, gloves, shoes, jewellery all play a part in catching the eye of the judges.

6) Sleep, sleep, sleep … spring racing carnival is a great excuse!

Get a good night’s sleep the night beforehand as bags under the eyes are not a good look.

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7) Be on time

Be there ahead of time to sign up or do it online beforehand to avoid the disappointment of not being able to compete. Last year I saw one beautiful lady so immaculately dressed reduced to tears because she was 5 minutes late and was not allowed in the competition. The ladies in the last heat were already being judged up on stage when she arrived.

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8) Do you know who the judges are?

Do your homework and find out who is judging! I remember the year that Angela Menz, from the ACT, won the Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field. One of the judges was acclaimed milliner, Philip Treacy. How clever was this young lady. Her self- designed and made hat was of a simlilar design to Philip Treacy’s signature style. Similarly, another Phillip Treacy looking hat made it to runner-up on Derby Day 2012. But please scroll back to 2) … you need to feel good in it!

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9) Do you need to buy a Time Machine?

Being young and beautiful definitely gives you an advantage. For those of us who aren’t so young and beautiful, invest in a fantastic outfit and hat! Smiling makes you more beautiful so do lots of it! It won’t help you if you are in head to toe designer gear only to be seen pouting like a top model. Recently I saw a gorgeous young blonde with a spectacular smile, in a not so expensive dress and hat, pull the prize mat from under others who had spent a fortune.

10) Have fun at the spring racing and enjoy the beautiful outfits!

Have fun doing it! If you go in thinking that you are going to win, you’re more likely to get disappointed. I love seeing all the different, creative outfits at the races. You don’t need a sash to make you feel fabulous! You are already a Fabulous Femme!

Melbourne Racing Fashion

I hope you find these 10 tips helpful and I am looking forward to read your comments. Let me know your tips?

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