Style a maxi dress - casual and glamorous

Style Me In Maxi

Want to add a bit of ‘wow’ factor or glamour to your daytime wardrobe? Invest in some maxi skirts! They come in all sorts of styles to suit every personality. You can go as casual or as glamorous with this length of skirt by opting for the bohemian style (which has been a favourite over some time) or by wearing them in luxe fabrics.

Interesting fabrics or different colours can look great. You can choose to go a bit more runway chic with my favourites for this summer season in the super floaty kind, made from luxurious and light fabrics. Featured here is a maxi skirt from Laura Ashley which I wore to Chateau Cheverny in the magical Loire Valley (France). It’s the perfect skirt for some leisurely strolling and castle visiting in the French countryside!

Maxi Skirts make you taller

Maxi skirts give the illusion that the wearer is taller than what they actually are, due to concealing the legs fully. They’re great for those who are not comfortable to showcase their legs (which may be too thin, too thick, too muscular, too stumpy….etc) and are wanting something a little more lady-like.

They’re also there for those who do love their legs and just want to wear a different length skirt. The longer your skirt is, the less need for some heels as they aren’t seen underneath and you already look taller wearing them!

Stepping out in a floaty maxi skirt makes me feel so glamorous. I’ve teamed it simply with an off-white H&M singlet (from their Conscious Collection) made of very similar floaty fabric. A lovely white lace top or a sexy tight singlet looks perfect with this skirt as well. See other ways that I’ve styled a maxi skirt here (the abandoned airfield and feeling arty).

Try some of my suggestions of ways to incorporate maxi skirts to your wardrobe.

The Glamorous Look

Going to a function? Whether it’s a day or night time one, a maxi skirt worn the right way can make heads turn.

  • Floaty, silky feel fabrics work well to achieve a glamorous look
  • Keep velvet and heavier fabrics for winter
  • Make it floor length – no need for high heels as you already look tall!
  • Keep it neutral, maybe with a little sheen or sparkle
  • Make it interesting with different textures
  • Black will shorten your look but can work well with a white top
  • If the skirt is elaborate, keep the top simple and whimsical. If the skirt is simple, you can add interest with a textured top.
  • Sandal type shoes work well with this look

The Casual Look

  • Floaty, tiered or fitted skirts work for a casual look
  • Stretchy fabrics or light cottons. Silky fabrics can also work great in a casual look
  • Experiment with colour and be careful how you wear stripes!
  • Slightly shorter length (above the ankle)
  • Team them with t-shirts, singlets or a cotton shirt
  • Sandals or fashionable lace-ups can be worn with them. Some casual sneakers can look great as well

[huge_text]Give maxi skirts a twirl this season.[/huge_text]

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See other ways that I’ve styled a maxi skirt here (the abandoned airfield and feeling arty).