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Travel Lightly

When I’m travelling, my suitcase has to be both functional and stylish. The Jet-Lite Trolley Case from Paklite Luggage was just ideal as my new suitcase for my European escapade. Not only is it super light (just 4kg in weight), the four wheels on it made it is super easy to manoeuvre around with all my wardrobe and gear! Most of the time, I was just pushing it along on all four wheels. Pulling it along by it’s handle was also very easy. And how amazing is this colour! It was easy to spot on the conveyor belt! The little combination lock which stores away the zip is very handy too. Best of all, it fits in a whole load of dresses, shoes, accessories and all the other things which a girl needs in Europe!

I’m not sure who received the most looks – me or the suitcase!

Travel light - Jet-lite suitcase - orange - creative travel photographyJet-lite has been put through the test of rolling over cobblestone pathways and has survived. We’re currently in Paris and thought that a stylish suitcase required a photo shoot in a stylish city. I’m not sure who received the most looks – me or the suitcase! It sure stood out in the crowd of black travel cases which were being dragged around.

Our location was just behind the monumental Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. There’s plenty of stairs to get up there so the lighter your case is, the better. Montmartre’s side streets are just a fabulous place where you can escape from the masses of tourist! It’s amazing how so many people congregate at the front of the Sacre Coeur, but won’t venture over to the back where there is a trove of wonderful restaurants and cafes full of locals. We’ve had wonderful French cuisine every day that we’ve been here. Looks like I’ll be rolling out of this beautiful city along with my suitcase too!

Travel light & stylish

It was a warm and sunny moment in the day, perfect weather for me to throw on my yellow Zara shorts and H&M Conscious Collection top. Of course my travel outfit needed to co-ordinate with my suitcase 🙂 . The shoes are my favourite pair from Wittner. I’ve been living in these shoes all through Europe! The sunnies are from Max Mara. It’s a bit of a retro theme.

My packing tips for travelling light and stylish

  1. Decide what you want to wear – don’t carry around unnecessary items (I know its hard) Make a packing list and style your outfits before the trip.
  2. Plan for the weather (don’t expect always sunshine).
  3. Roll up your softer clothes and arrange them on the bottom of the suitcase.
  4. Pack the light things on top.
  5. Pack fragile items in the centre of your suitcase.
  6. Put shoes in plastic bags so they don’t make other items dirty. Don’t forget to use the inside of your shoes.
  7. Make sure you have things accessible which you might need first.
  8. Don’t forget to pack a laundry bag for dirty clothes
  9. Wrap your toiletries such in plastic bags
  10. Most importantly, use a stylish suitcase!  🙂

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Happy travels!