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Winter Metallics

Winter is dragging on a little too much for my liking. Sometimes it teases us with mild and sunny days, only to hit us with a chilly period again. On those mild days, I’ve tried to get into some lighter clothing just to rejuvenate myself. Wearing nice clothing through winter does help get rid of some winter blues. Yes, I’m someone who suffers from SADS (Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome). Some people love winter, I’m a summer lover.

This metallic ensemble is one of my favourite outfits for a not-so-freezing days in winter. Honestly, it’s going to be something I’ll wear in spring and summer as well. Silver has always been a favourite colour of mine. There’s always a silver pair of shoes in my collection. These silver lace-ups are just perfect for everything from a pair of jeans to a flirty skirt. The in-fashion bomber jacket is usually very casual but is dressed up a bit with gorgeous embroidery. Metallic pleated skirts were so popular last year, flowing into this year’s collections. They’re here to stay and I’ll be wearing them for a while. I love the colour gradient of this one as it allows me to wear it with a variety of colours.

My silver Oroton clutch is a favourite which I wear with nearly everything. It’s just perfect for my metallic outfit. I love it so much that I also got one in another colour! Cross-body bags free up my hands. There’s not much needed with accessories when you’re wearing so much shine already so I just opted for some bangles for this look.

This photo shoot took place at my local Ruffey Lake Park when some of the trees were still yellow. It’s such a beautiful area with a little creek running through it. The creek flows into Ruffey Lake. At one point of the creek, there’s a little area with rocks which you can climb down to. It’s a gorgeous photography spot which I’ve always wanted to do a shoot at. The rusty coloured rocks complimented my outfit just perfectly.


  • Bomber Jacket – Sportsgirl
  • Skirt – Dotti
  • Shoes – Mimco
  • Bag – Oroton Forte Clutch
  • Photographer: Sarah Ashlyn Photography

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