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Wireless Internet – we love the flexibility!

As a blogger and photographer in Melbourne (Australia), I am dependent internet access. I usually write about beautiful fashion, great travel locations and inspiring topics.

This time I want to showcase a bit of what happens behind the scenes – the tools I need to create all this. It’s technology! Photo cameras, laptops, mobile technology and of course convenient and great internet access.  

In Australia we have lots of different options as to how we can connect to the Internet. You might have an ADSL connection, a mobile phone, superfast cable internet or you may even already be connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN). All of these ways of connecting to the Internet have advantages and disadvantages – more about that later. Now we have a new flexible and simple way to get Internet – unlimited wireless broadband by Vividwireless.

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Great value unlimited wireless internet

My photography requires quite a bit of bandwidth with some RAW images being 30MB big. Lots of data necessary! When I am on the go at a commercial photoshoot I usually max out my mobile internet plan very quickly when I tether mobile phone to my laptop. So my mobile phone is not ideal.

When you have kids,  you know that they watch a lot of stuff online – youtube, netflix and internet games. As long as you manage their consumption of screen-time, it’s a fun source of entertainment (just don’t forget to have some outdoor time!). With this plan, there’s no risk of running out of data! Have a look at some of my shots and you see how  our little one enjoys his internet time. Vividwireless gives you the option to sign up to an unlimited plan – there’s no bill shock – no surprises.

Of course you can save some money when you select their 10GB or 40GB plan – but it’s the unlimited option which makes it a true replacement for your stationary Internet at home.

When you are too far away from your DSL exchange and get slow speeds, this is a very viable option to replace your DSL connection.

The hardware: Wireless Modem – Huawai LTE (B315s)

The vividwireless modem which I used is the Huawai LTE modem (B315s). It worked like a treat! My 4G connection is not the strongest in my area and I only achieved one reception bar on the display. Nevertheless I constantly reached my 10mbps download and 1mbps upload (which is the speed limitation of vividwireless – would be great if it were even faster, but it’s very usable – even for Netflix streaming). The modem comes at $199 or $0 when you sign up for 24 months. Fantastic!

Apart from the 32 possible WIFI connections (Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n) the modem also allows you to connect up to 4 devices via ethernet ports. It’s a great option for my Synology NAS (which I use to store all my images). AC wireless would be unreal, as I would be able to process my photographs directly of the Synology wireless. Even just as a backup solution, it’s wonderful.

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The setup was so easy and simple – just plug the modem in a power point and off you go. It’s all pre-configured and there isn’t much technical knowledge necessary to get started.

Do I love the Huawai B315s?  The Huawai from vividwireless is portable and  you can take it easily to another location. If you are renting your place, you can take your Internet access with you so you won’t have to deal with more setup fees or early termination fees.

On the other side, the device is still pretty big and requires a mains power. I am just back from Japan where I used a few pocket wifi devices. Imagine if you could use vividwireless in a pocket wifi device! You’ll be have access to unlimited data at home and on the go! 

It’s a quality device and will cater for all your personal internet needs.

Flexibility with wireless internet

I love the fact that I am not locked to any contract. It’s a month to month plan and you can change the plan once per month. Make the most out of the cheaper 10GB ($29)/40GB ($59) options when you are on a holiday.

Take your internet with you when you move or go on holidays – really ideal when you rent a place for only a few weeks or months. Just be sure to check out the coverage for the area you are travelling to.

Cost effective wireless internet

One of the biggest costs with connecting to the Internet is actually the setup costs. You easily splurge out $250 for a Telstra connection just to get a line set up! The same usually applies for cable or NBN connections. No more setup costs with a wireless broadband connection.

With vividwireless you don’t pay any setup fees and don’t need to enter a long term contract. A sim only option is unfortunately not available, which would make it a dream plan for people who already have a wireless modem.

The $89 for unlimited internet usage is a very reasonable cost, considering there’s no setup fees, no contract terms and flexible cheaper plans. A true competitor to your ADSL connection.

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Summary – Vividwireless review

The LTE mobile bradband plans by vividwireless are a true replacement for a stationary DSL internet connection. It’s a bit more expensive than similar DSL plans, but comes with a lot of flexibility and no setup costs.  You are independent of your DSL exchange or the NBN plan.  The speed is on par with a good DSL connection, but depends on your 4G coverage.

A true DSL competitor! You can sign up online at vividwireless.

Advantages of wireless 4G broadband by Vividwirless:

  1. very easy to setup – I literally took the modem out of the box, plugged it in and connected to the wifi with the details supplied. It can’t be any simpler. There will never be a technician necessary to check your line!
  2. No wait time. It can take very long to get a fixed DSL line connected – sometimes up to 4 weeks is normal. Not so with vividwireless. You get your modem in the post and off you go!
  3. Unlimited Internet – Vividwireless offers an unlimited plan which saves you from running out of data or a big bill shock.
  4. Quality – you’re independent of old copper lines to your house – especially if you are renting and you have no chance in upgrading the old copper. Of course you need 4G coverage (vividwireless uses the Optus 4G LTE network).
  5. Competitive pricing  – no setup costs – use their option to change plans to save money.

What didn’t I like about the 4G broadband plans  by Vividwirless:

  1. Speed limitation to 10 Mbps
  2. A portable modem option is missing to make the most out of the data on the go, or a sim only plan to give you a choice of modem.
  3. A bit pricier than a fixed line.
  4. Dependent on your 4G connection (only 2300mhz band) – the major areas are covered (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, ACT, Newcastle and Central Coast)

vividwireless review