Millinery Award 2022 - won by velvet and tonic

Myer Fashions on The Field Lillian Frank AM MBE Millinery Award 2022

After a few years of not being at the racecourse, it was great to be back there to showcase our beautiful millinery! We all poured our hearts into our designs over the last couple of years. If you didn’t make it into the top ten, your design received no recognition. It was a photo competition with only the top ten getting shown to the public. We had to make a video diary of our designs, which didn’t see the light of day if we weren’t in the finals. Still, our love of millinery kept us designing for the Millinery Award 2022.

This year, our models mingled amongst the crowd. The media took photos and videos of our creations, and they had their moment on the catwalk. It wasn’t quite the same as before covid times, with fewer entrants, but it was still special to be back. The quality of the designs was high as some of the best milliners in the world are right here in Australia. With the return to the track, we look forward to seeing many more entrants in the future.

At the end of this blog post you find a link to more millinery images of this years Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Millinery Award 2022 for velvet&tonic

My design (for velvet&tonic) won the Millinery Award! My model was the only male model, standing amongst the beautiful women. It was so cold, the coldest Melbourne Cup Day ever! It started to rain and hail just as our models were about to hit the catwalk. My hat was getting wet and started to sag from the rain. None of that mattered because I was so happy to be there. Winning the Millinery Award was the highlight of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Lillian Frank’s daughter, Jackie, was among the panel of judges along with world-renowned milliner, Stephen Jones!

Flow - On stage - Fashion Competition - Millinery Award - Fashions on the Field Myer Millinery Award Winner of the Millinery Award 2022 - Velvet&Tonic - Natalie Bikicki - Wendy Scully Millinery Flow - Award winning headpiece - Millinery Award Australia Souri Sengdara of Velvet&Tonic with Model and award winning headpiece 2022 - Winner FOTF

Beautiful and creative millinery

All of the entries were beautiful! We captured some around the park and on stage. Each one of those milliners poured their hearts into their designs. Photographing these designs shows our appreciation for their efforts – and we love beautiful hats on this blog! We tried to capture as many as we could.

Congrats to all who entered. Creating something for this event keeps up the appreciation of millinery and competitions like this one running. Keep creating your masterpieces and support this wonderful millinery industry!

Winner: Velvet&tonic
Runner up: Natalie Bikicki
Second Runner-up: Wendy Scully Millinery

Natalie Bikicki Millinery at the Millinery Award 2022 - Runner up Wendy Scully Millinery - 2nd Runner Up - Millinery Award 2022




And so much more beautiful millinery:


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