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Escape from Chambord Castle

In this photo shoot, I’m playing a princess escaping from the confines of the castle. We can only imagine how life would have been back then. Life within the castle was not all fun and glamour. Not sure whether I would have coped very well in that era, having to share my husband with other women and wondering when someone would want my head!

A Life of Luxury

What I would have loved about castle life would be the amazing dresses and jewellery which the women wore. The four post beds, magnificent chandeliers, divine tea settings and being constantly waited on would have made castle life a bit more bearable.

Just for this moment though, all that luxury is doing my head in and I’ve just got to get out! I run out  and along the path, but it’s not too far until I stop. It was enough freedom to be this far away from the walls of the castle, to enjoy a quiet moment and some sunshine. It’s not long before my absence is noticed and they send a carriage to return me back to my royal duties.

The Off-Shoulder Dress

It’s not often that I get to wear a floor-length gown but this regal scene just called for it! I’m wearing a Leona by Leona Edminston black gown with a ruffled hem and ruffle shoulder detail. After all the over-indulging throughout my Europe trip, I’m loving the non-restrictive form of this dress!

The off-shoulder look has been in fashion for centuries! It’s a very sensual and alluring look. You’re not going to get criticised for showing too much flesh in this region! Will you bare some shoulder this summer?

Try a casual look with an off-shoulder top and some shorts for a picnic, the beach or a bbq. Maybe wear an off-shoulder dress for a more glamorous occasion such as the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival or a cocktail party.

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