Fashion Outfit Blog Post - Girl with puff sleeve dress in white between roses - large brim hat

Puff Sleeve Trend

There’s a new obsession which has hit the spot with fashionistas at the moment – voluminous sleeves! For most of us, it’s just ‘puffy sleeves’. In a society which is always so concerned about the size of arms and how thin they can get them, it’s a wonder that this fashion trend, which makes your arms look bigger has taken over. 

Puff Sleeve Outfit

So what is it about puff sleeves that have us gravitating towards the outfits with excessive fabric around the arms? Personally, it represents romance and femininity. Puff sleeves takes us back to the days when princesses and ladies swanned around their palaces and gardens in their elaborate gowns with voluminous sleeves. Even princess Diana walked down the aisle in a puffy sleeves wedding dress! 

Luckily I had purchased this dress C/meo Collective dress just before Christmas. If you didn’t read about it, I have made a pledge to not buy anything new this year. So far so good, but it’s only mid January. It has been in my wardrobe until the So Frenchy So Chic music festival. This was just the perfect dress for such an outing. It’s white, made from lightweight and breathable fabric and has huge sleeves with diamanté beads scattered over them. Teaming it with my beloved tan leather and cork wedges (vintage Witchery) and a humongous straw hat give me the chic French look I was after. The hat was just the perfect size for protecting my bare shoulders from the harsh sun that day.

Fun with Fashion in the Rose Garden

On our way to the So Frenchy So Chic event, we made a detour and stumbled across the magnificent Rose Garden. The abundance of blooms and the colours blew me away! It was the perfect spot for a photo shoot. Hopefully the heat of the following days didn’t kill them all off.

The new trend by International and Australian Fashion Designers

The international designers leading the way with this Fashion trend include Johanna Ortiz, Marianna Senchina and Silvia Tcherassi. Australian designers who have also embraced the trend include Zimmermann, Nicola Finetti, Mossmann and C/meo Collective. There are so many pieces out there with puff sleeves for you to choose from! My favourite style is the straight fitted dress with the large sleeves but I have seen both sleeves and skirts having volume and looking fabulous.

There’s now a few puff sleeve dresses in my collection which I’m going to have to find places to wear them to! There’s always room for more and it doesn’t look like this fashion trend is going away any time soon. Come to think about it, it’s been around for a while already but just recently it has become super popular. This just reminds us not to throw things out too easily as fashion trends do tend to resurface. My puff sleeve dresses are staying in my wardrobe indefinitely!


girl in rose garden - white puff sleeve dress large brim hat - photographed from back in rose garden pink roses rose garden puff sleeve - white dress in gardens near Melbourne fashion trends 2019 white puff sleeve dress large brim hat red roses girl from back not showing face with large hat and roses