Melbourne, Events, Venues and little secrets of our fantastic city. There is so much do do in Melbourne – so my little blog can only feature a few events and venues.

element melbourne - hotel party event - mint lane

Block Party @elementmelbourne

How do we tackle jet lag? We head out to a party to celebrate the grand opening of Element Melbourne Richmond! And what a party it was! Having only arrived back in Melbourne from Bangkok that afternoon (you see...
Imax Superpowerdogs - Movie Premiere

Superpower Dogs @ IMAX Melbourne

A great documentary about some very special dogs - Superpower Dogs! Our little one had the chance to visit the premiere of Superpower Dogs at the Imax Melbourne. A moving film about six real-life working dogs around the world. They brave earthquakes and aval...
chin chin inside

7 Years Of Wedded Bliss – Chin Chin

Today, seven years ago, we read our vows to each other. It didn’t take us long to figure out that the celebrant didn’t have the vows we personally wrote for each other. Instead, we were just reciting the standard stuff which is fed to couples who just didn’t b...