Naught Distilling Gin Bar in Eltham

Melbourne Gin Distillery – Naught

An Elegant Outing

An invite to experience some delicious gin cocktails? How could I refuse? It’s been a while since we have been to an event, and a night out at Naught Distilling was just what we needed. The bonus was that it was just a short drive from us in Eltham, Melbourne! 

With so many gorgeous dresses hanging unused in my wardrobe, I decided that a cocktail number would be appropriate. We were heading out for cocktails, weren’t we? Anyhow, there’s no such thing as being overdressed for an event in Melbourne! After spending what seems like forever in activewear, it’s such a wonderful feeling to get dressed up again.

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Naught – New Melbourne Gin Distillery

We’ve never heard of Naught Gin until now. That’s because it’s new. Naught opened its doors for the first time in July 2021. Judging by the elegant design of their website, I had a feeling that a lovely experience awaited us. As we drove closer to Naught Distilling in Eltham, I began to wonder if this venue would live up to my expectations. The area where Naught Distilling is situated was an industrial looking one. It’s very hidden and you would not find it just driving past it – you need to know where you want to go – it’s one hidden secret place in Eltham, Melbourne.

Parking is outside on the dead-end road where Naught is. Don’t think about parking closer to the front door because you’re wearing heels! It’s been a while since I wore heels, and every step would be challenging. Naught was down the back end of a short driveway which gave me a little practice walking in heels.  To think that I used to run around all day at the races in these things!

Naught Bar - A secret Melbourne Bar Chris Cameron - Naught

A Sophisticated Venue

Stepping through the front door of Naught was like stepping into another era. It was as if we stepped into a vintage movie set. You walk into a quaint foyer with a plush velvet armchair, floral arrangements and a painting of a beautiful Spanish woman to set the mood. Stepping into the main bar of Naught, I couldn’t help but squeal with delight! This place has won my heart. It is a space that oozes sophistication. A venue so lavish in this part of Melbourne is bound to lure in some locals who are seeking a more refined night out.

Naught is an elegant venue. It’s the type of place I could hang out in often. I could wear all my gorgeous dresses to this place and feel at home. The decor exudes a lush vintage vibe. Comfy plush bar stools are running alongside the bar. On the opposite side of the bar, leather booths offer some lounging comfort for patrons. At the end of the venue, the magnificent distilling machine is on display for all to admire, framed by a cathedral-style arch. Yes, they bottle their gin on the premises. All handmade!

Our night starts with a gin and tonic and a tour around the venue. There is a mezzanine floor that is still waiting on artwork. An elegant mood that flows beautifully with the rest of the venue. The outdoor space will be great for the warmer nights in summer.

It’s a perfect venue for stylish events.

Carl Distilling Machine

Naught Gin Tasting & The best Gin Cocktails

Whiskey, cognac and bourbon are what I would drink straight but never have I thought about enjoying gin that way! From the bar we had a perfect view to the beautiful German made copper distilling machine which is named Abigail. Three of Naught’s gins on offer were there for us to taste.  After sniffing and sipping our way through the gin, we tried them in some cocktails from their vast menu. A favourite was the “Saturn” cocktail. I think we all ordered it to have the smoking bubble in our photos! Words and photos don’t do it justice – you have experience it!  Ordering the Aviation cocktail (with the over-proof gin – 57.4% ABV) would mean that we could have one cocktail less, so we left that one alone. But we did bring home a bottle of over-proof gin to enjoy another day!

Everything at Naught is meticulously selected to give us a wonderful experience there, down to their super knowledgable and friendly cocktail staff. Connor, a young man with overseas experience, can memorise two hundred cocktails! How impressive is that!

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Food at Naught

Naught offers a delicious selection of cheeses, paté and charcuterie (cold meats) to accompany your cocktails. If you’re a small eater, it’s all that you will need. If you’re after a more substantial meal, make sure you fill up before heading there. Drinking on an empty stomach is not advisable.

What a great way to start us off after our horrendously long lockdown! Thank you to all at Naught Distilling for such a fabulous gin experience! You’ll be seeing us again!

You find Naught at 2/32 Peel Street, Eltham VIC 3095 – Make sure you check the opening times:

Charcuterie Board with gin