Melbourne secret graffiti spots

There are some seriously cool wall art sprawled all over Melbourne’s walls. It’s just not some random tagging or graffiti, it’s something which is kind to the eye and can be appreciated. It’s also great that the wall art is not being defaced by fellow spray-can wielding Melbournians.

This spot is a place where we’ve always admired as we crossed the Westgate Bridge whenever heading to the West side of Melbourne. When we were on one of our location scouting excursions, we decided that this was definitely a background we needed to use.

It’s not my typical choice for a background for a fashion photo shoot. It’s a little too colourful, a little too ‘arty’ but I’m dressed for the occasion. This is my ‘relaxed around Melbourne’ outfit. Jeans do get a little mundane and this is an ensemble which looks and feels really relaxed, but still makes me feel really feminine. It’s the skirt. Replace the jeans with a skirt and it’s always a good outcome. Your outfit becomes more eye-catching and you’ll feel more of a fashionista while running around town.

Relaxed Fashion 2017

Chambray in floaty fabrics like this jacket I’m wearing adds some movement and softness to an outfit. It’s a perfect casual jacket for warm Spring days and cooler Summer nights. The light blue keeps the look fresh and light. My little Oroton Forte clutch in silver adds some glamour to finish off the outfit. Cross-body bags are my favourite. They leave my hands free and are prevent me from carrying heavy loads in larger bags. Smaller bags compliment an outfit rather than obstructing it as larger bags do.

This is the second time I’ve worn my converse sneakers. It took me a while before I even wore them for the first time! Converse sneakers were always way too casual for my liking. They’re so popular yet I hadn’t found them very appealing. My daughter has been wearing them for years and she urged me to get a pair. They’re not super comfortable on the first wear, so they stayed in storage for a while. With this particular outfit, I thought I’d give them another chance – and they suited just fine.

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