Beautiful Flower Farm - Girl in flower field

Dahlias For Days!

Melbourne Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, I headed down to Warragul to spend the weekend with a lovely friend who loves to wander amongst flowers as much as I do! The last time we got together, we went all the way to Dunnstown for a picnic amongst sunflowers. This time, Sonia took me to a Dahlia farm! It was an explosion of colour and beauty! I had never given Dahlias much thought previously, but now I’m hooked. After we paid a visit to this stunning farm, I might have to grow some!

We had attempted to visit this beautiful farm on the previous day but, as soon as we had parked at the farm, the skies opened up, and it poured down on us! There was no way that I was getting out of the car as I was wearing a gorgeous cream silk dress! Sonia had warned me that it might not have been the perfect choice for this particular flower garden as it might get a little dirty. Loving the dress so much I thought it would be perfect for some photos amongst the Dahlias, so I wore it anyway.

We retreated to Sonia’s place and made another time to visit in the morning. What a great choice that was! The morning was just perfect. The sun shone, and the temperature was lovely! Taking the advice not to wear my cream silk dress, I threw on another favourite dress, which was something I regretted by the end of the visit. When you visit a flower farm, wear clothing which you won’t mind getting dirty! Oh, and white sneakers are not the ideal shoes either! Gumboots after a rain would have been a better choice!

Dahlia Farm

When this field of Dahlias comes into sight, it’s mindblowing! Your senses go into overdrive! The colour explosion hits you with a bang! There are so many different varieties of these beautiful flowers which you can spend quite some time admiring all! How fortunate for us that the sun came through and lit up the beautiful garden. Visiting a flower farm is just not quite right without some sunshine!

Farm Style – Beautiful flower fields

Okay, so jeans and gumboots would have been the sensible choice for wandering around in this field of Dahlias. We were there to take photos. When you visit a farm, you must dress appropriately for the photos which you will want to take while you are there! Sonia chose a pink skirt and a pink floral jacket for our photoshoot amongst the field of colour. The pink felt hat finished the outfit off perfectly. This outfit looks amazing in our photos. My floral maxi dress was fine for the photoshoot but boy did it get messy! My poor white sneakers! They were a muddy mess! Well, I spent quite some time cleaning everything when I got home!

The messy clothes and shoes were worth it. The photos are stunning! The Dahlias are in full bloom right now if you want a hit of colour in your weekend! It’s approximately a one and a half-hour drive from Melbourne so you can make a day trip of it. Make the most of your visit to country Victoria by dining at one of the fabulous wineries down there! We enjoyed some delicious tapas at Brandy Creek Estate over the weekend. Make sure you don’t leave empty-handed. Take home some bunches of Dahlias or some bulbs to plant in your garden.

Hansford’s Dahlias and Bulbs

Farmer Dave has been growing his award-winning Dahlias for a few years now. It started with a few plants which have now become a passion and turned it into a business – Hansford’s Dahlias and Bulbs. Hansford’s Dahlias is one of the largest dahlia gardens in Gippsland Victoria (194 Hunters Rd, Ellinbank Vic) with over 5000 plants and 1000 varieties. They are open on selected weekends from 10 am to 4 pm. Call to arrange a visit! You can also check the Facebook page for the open days.

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