outdoor swimming in free pool in Marktrewitz - Marktrewitz Schwimmbad

Schwimmbad – Free!!!

Can you believe this?  A free outdoor pool (“Schwimmbad” in german)? A big slide, 10m diving platform, artificial sand beach with beach chairs, soccer ground and beach volleyball – and it all costs not a dollar (euro) entrance fee. There is a catch! It is not in Melbourne (I wish we had this). It’s amazing what the small town of Marktredwitz in Germany (Bavaria) created for their citizens. Well done.

While traveling in Europe we enjoyed the “Schwimmbad” and had lots of fun there. It’s sometimes off the beaten track you find real gems and can have lots of fun.

But we should not complain in Melbourne – we have the beach and ocean (but while it is still free parking could be expensive at the beach car parks).


Water slide in Marktredwitz Schwimmbad boy playing giant chess - best photography boy holding soccer ball - with net in the background - soccer advertising photo kids having fun at Marktrewitz Schwimmbad - Outdoor pool giant water slide boy in water - pool advertising fun