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Tokyo Disney Sea

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More Disney characters, more rides, more attractions – just in case you didn’t get enough of it at Tokyo Disneyland! Disney Sea is full of all things Disney related to sea, adventure and exploration. Attractions themes include ‘The little Mermaid’, Nemo, Indiana Jones, Toy Story and The Pirates of the Caribbean. The theme park was inspired by myths and legends of the sea.

The most impressive thing about Tokyo Disney Sea is that they’ve built a replica of Venice there! In another part of the theme park, you would think that you’ve walked onto the scene of Aladdin. There’s so many beautiful buildings in this place, which makes it more appealing to an adult, like myself, who are not keen on the whole theme park thing. The little ones will enjoy this place as much as they enjoyed Disneyland. The rides are slightly more thrilling than those at Disneyland, but there’s Ariel’s underground for all those really little ones (5 and under).

Disney Sea or Disneyland

Like Disneyland, the best way to get through the queues is via the fast-ticket system. If you think you’re going to get to any ride quickly without one, think again. We popped our heads into a waiting area for the Tower of Terror ride and thought ‘well this one won’t take too long!’ and jumped in the queue. An hour and a half later, we were in that ride which lasted for a whole of two minutes! It was a fun (and very scary) ride but I personally did not think it was worth the hour and a half wait!

We ventured into an interactive show which featured the character ‘Crush’ from the Nemo movie. It was a pity that we didn’t understand or spoke Japanese as laughter erupted in the audience throughout the show and we were left to wonder what was said. All shows are in Japanese but most of it has singing and dancing so there’s no understanding of the language needed.

The food choices at these theme parks are never great. We managed to find and enjoyed some (3 tiny pieces of chicken) curry with naan bread and various little snacks throughout the day. There are the normal fast-food eateries there as well. They do supply free drinking water from lovely moroccan taps!

Our day ended with a light show on the water where all the disney characters came out on boats to dance, sing and wave to their adoring fans. Then, it was a trip home on the train. The little one was fully satisfied with his trip to Tokyo’s Disney Sea. Asked whether he preferred Disneyland or Disney Sea, he liked them both equally. For me, it was Disney Sea for the Venice and Moroccan areas.

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