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Adventure Night Tobogganing

A nighttime snow adventure at the Rinnerhorn

Skiing is fun! Snowboarding is cool! But the real adventure is going tobogganing on a high speed track in the middle of the nighttime. The Rinnerhorn in Davos is 2046m high and offers a 3.5km long tobogganing run – illuminated at nighttime (only certain days – last time we checked Wednesday and Friday from 7pm to 11pm). The track has 34 turns (some are very narrow). You cross skislopes, go through a tunnel and cross streets (yes there is a traffic light on the slope).

Snow, Wind & Fun

We arrived at 8pm and it was very windy. The snow was everywhere and the temperature dropped to -14C. (I will never understand when it’s nice 10C in Australia and people say it is freezing.). We rented our gear – a fast “rodel” type sledge for 2 people and some sledding shoe breaks made out of metal (you strap them on your shoes so you have a chance to break and get the tight corners).

We had the run nearly for ourselves as the weather was challenging – but that made it even more an adventure.

Experiences & Memories

Ethan was very keen on the trip! Experiences such as these create wonderful memories. It’s definitely not the newest iPad or xBox game he will remember when he is older. Quality time together and experiencing the world and little adventures are far more important than any item you can buy. Spending time with your kids is so important.  The trip to the Rinnerhorn will be unforgettable – for all of us!

You find information about the Rinnerhorn here.

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