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Southbank Style

Dressing for Melbourne

Melbourne’s Southbank is the destination for wonderful restaurants, bars and a spectacular display of flames shooting up towards the stars when the sun has disappeared. The view of the city from Southbank is a rather impressive one, drawing both tourists and locals to wander along the riverbank to enjoy the city skyline both during the day and night. There are some pretty amazing apartments popping up everywhere!

Southbank is also a fabulous place for a spot of fashion watching as fashionable ladies and gents strut along it’s pathway as they head out to their stylish destinations. If you’re heading out for lunch or dinner, a coffee or cocktail – dress to impress! Give the hoards of tourists a lasting impression of Melbourne’s impeccable sense of style.

Life’s too short to live in casual.

The fact that I could dress up to the max and not cause disapproving looks, was one of the things which made me fall in love with Melbourne. Growing up in the super casual town of Auckland (New Zealand), walking down the street in a summer dress would attract plenty of looks. Back when I resided there, people were most comfortable living in and seeing others in jeans or shorts.

Sure, I do wear jeans and shorts to this day! When I head out, it’s always a little bit of a glamorous affair. There’s not much effort required in putting on a pretty dress, a pair of heels and some make-up. The effort required is keeping up with my husband in those skinny high heels! Big tip – take along a pair of flats for when your partner wants to walk around the city for a bit after your meal in one of Southbank’s amazing restaurants!

The Feline Factor

Tailoring and fit is so important when I choose my wardrobe pieces. What I wear is also dependent on what mood I’m in. On this particular occasion, I wanted something classy yet sultry. This well tailored leopard print dress with ruffle detailing is a number which I’m going to wear over and over. The dress is from the label Eccoci.

Has animal print ever gone out of style? I think not! There’s an everlasting appeal about leopard print. Wear it tight against your curves to achieve masses of sex appeal or choose a classic style dress with a twist, such as the one I’ve chosen, for a more ladylike vixen look. Unleash the feline within you and invest in a piece of leopard print.



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