Most instagrammable cafe in Melbourne

The most instagrammable cafe in Melbourne

I’ve been back from Europe for a week now and I want to be back in the warm weather. It just feels like I’ve come back to the coldest part of winter and I think it hits hard after spending a month in blissful heat! The best way I know how to combat Melbourne’s dreary season is to head out and experience new things and places to pass the time quickly. Since getting back, I spied a place on Instagram which just might do the trick of picking me up. One of the Instagrammers I follow featured a place which she called ‘“the most Instagrammable cafe in Melbourne” and that got me. Instagram is a fabulous inspiration for venues!

Fi:Ka – Cafe in Hawthorn, Melbourne

It’s great to have friends who have free time mid-week to go on lunch dates with. Fighting crowds of people to get a table at the weekend isn’t appealing to me. Lisa and I were so due for a catchup and a Thursday brunch date was set. Hawthorn is a beautiful location, very central to most places. It’s only a few minutes from the city. Before we purchased our house, we rented only a street back from Burwood Road in Hawthorn. Living there was fabulous! We were so close to Richmond, Melbourne’s CBD, the train station and loads of great restaurants and cafes. If I was still living there, I’d frequent my new found favourite cate every day just to get a dose of happiness!

Fi:ka – (n.) a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life “Coffee with friends”.

This cafe hits you with a burst of pink florals the moment you step inside. You’d think that it would only appeal to the ladies but I did notice a couple of businessmen chatting over a milkshake and coffee! This place instantly puts you in a happy state – something which everybody needs! It’ll be hard to be in a bad mood here. I’m going to use this place as a therapy spot for people who are down. The injection of happiness doesn’t stop at the pink floral walls! The food and beverages are designed to have some squealing in delight!

I had to try the 24K Gold Coffee

Having already checked out their Instagram page, we knew that we had to order the Barista’s Liquid Breakfast. You get to choose four Wellness Lattes (decaf) which get served to you in miniature versions! Do try them! They are such a colour delight and the Lilac Latte has such a gorgeous scent! And just wanting an extra dose of luxury, I ordered their 24-carat gold edition cappuccino. I ate gold! The coffee is great as well.

More than sweets. A dose of happiness.

Now, I did have my concerns about the sweet factor of the menu before visiting the cafe. Not having much of a sweet tooth, I was always going to steer clear of the sweets menu. Not having seen much of their menu anywhere, I took the gamble that they would have some savoury goodness for me. They sure did and they were delicious! I opted for their Slow cooked BBQ Pork on potato croquette while Lisa went for the Crispy Lamb Salad. Both meals were very substantial.

Luckily for us, we arrived at a quieter time for the cafe, allowing us to take some beautiful photos of it. Lisa and I found ourselves as the only guests for a brief moment! Two hours passed by so quickly as we had so much to chat about. It’s a luxury to be out without the kids in tow. The staff are also so friendly and didn’t mind us lounging around for so long and taking snaps. Some other guests arrived and ordered those sweet dishes which we hadn’t dared to order. The Rainbow Pancakes looked spectacular! One day I will dare to order one.

Do yourselves a favour and head there for a dose of happiness this winter and beyond!

Note: This blog post was not in any way sponsored. I just loved it so much that I wanted to share the happiness with you!


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